2014: Lammy’s year of Android OS

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Okay, people! Compliments of the season to you all. It’s been a long while here on Mobility Arena (Congrats to Moverick and the Mobility gang on the name change). I rocked Android OS a great deal this year, and I am here to talk to you about how ‘Androidful’ my 2014 was.

I started 2014 with TECNO Phantom A+ which I got myself in October 2013 and my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, as an app junkie I wanted more. I couldn’t update my apps like I would love to, the RAM size was quite small, and I began to feel bigger than the device (I wanted to move out of the supposed ‘Chinko’ zone).

Lammy's Note 8.0 tab

Then I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 (as much as I’d love to own the S4 and S5, I couldn’t afford those). I make bold to say that the S3 was a great phone. The camera and picture quality was top notch and one of a kind. , 16gb internal memory and 2gb RAM size (I really don’t know why these OEMs keep releasing new devices every now and then. Well, they know we gadget freaks can’t get our eyes off the devices.)

I rocked the S3 so much until it fell down from my hotel room in Enugu in August. I wept like a baby when this happened because I had already made up my mind I wasn’t getting any other phone till 2015. The S3 wasn’t the same after I changed the screen.

Lammy red

I had always wanted to own an HTC device, but they come in pretty expensive packages. Thanks to Mr Mo, I was able to get the HTC 816 Desire at an affordable price and BOOM! A dream came true. I have been rocking the device since October. HTC is a premium brand and I love every bit of it. But there are a few features on the S3 that I miss on the HTC.

Remember my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2? I wanted to experience more than a regular tab. I wanted to make reading my hobby, but I didn’t quite like the reading experience on the Tab 2. I also wanted to have the stylus experience especially for taking notes on the Evernote app. Guess what? I got myself the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. It took me about 2 months to get it because the device was out of stock.

I have promised myself and made up my mind that I won’t be getting any mobile device and gadget in 2015 and I want you guys to bear me witness 🙂 🙂

Yes; 2014 was indeed my year of Android OS. Do you have a similar experience? Let’s hear from you.


  1. i’ve been on the Android train since 2012. entered 2014 with a Nexus 4 and I’m still using the Nexus 4

  2. I have promised myself and made up my mind that I won’t be getting any mobile device and gadget in 2015 and I want you guys to bear me witness

    Well, promises, like new year resolutions, are made to be broken.

    So, feel free to change your mind this 2015. We won’t be disappointed or surprised!

  3. Well I tend to cycle through all of the OS since my “experiment” last year and I love it.

    This year I started out with an iPhone 5. As much as I loved it, I wanted to get the Lumia 930 and that’s where my sights were set. Sold the iPhone, got the L930 and I was happy….until I saw a good deal on the BlackBerry Q10. I have been debating between getting an OS7 device or BB10 and in a way I still want an OS7 device. The Q10’s battery life was brilliant, but I missed my L930 and just before Christmas floated back.

    I’m not without iOS as I got a refurbished iPod. The Samsung Galaxy 8.9 Tab has been collecting dust – so many apps I can’t use because the OS won’t update past ICS. I got an inexpensive dual SIM Android phone which was a bad idea as I’ve learned; 512MB on WP and 512MB on Android are miles apart.

    I’m not particularly excited about Android, the three devices I’m using are basically keeping my attention. If I decide to get an Android phone it will most likely be a Nexus 5 or Moto G dual SIM. As for tablets, since my Nexus 7 (2012) had a screen crack, I really don’t feel any compulsion to replace it with anything else. Not feeling the most recent versions of the Nexus 7 so I can’t see myself getting another tablet in a hurry.

  4. Started the Android train like november 2011 with my spice MI 270, with Android 2.2 froyo.

    then the Samsung Galaxy y pro duos in 2012 (which was the first phone I rooted.

    I then gave Android a break and used bb curve 3 and 4 then came to Android with the HTC one m7 in February 2014. used it for 5 months and got myself a samsung galaxy grand duos in June which I still use till date.

    I might change os in 2015, so as not to be ignorant when people argue about a particular platform. Could be iOS or BB10

  5. same here, my daily driver has to be an Android. i have devices from all other smartphone ecosystems (iOS, WP & BB10) but they serve specific purposes. when I have to leave the house or office with just one device I (almost) always pick the Nexus. Android lo le shey o!

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