2020 Apple iPhones To Come With Dual 5G Technologies

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With the release of the iPhone 11 series from Apple last year, a number of fans and smartphone lovers were surprised at the lack of support for 5G connectivity. However, with a new series of iPhones to be released from Apple this year, there are expectations from certain quarters that these devices will not only support 5G, but dual standards.


It is expected that the three models of Apple iPhones to be released this year will support the technology. According to a new report attributed to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, some of the models are expected to have both sub-6GHz and mmWave support. This is a first, as at the time of this article, there are no devices that provide both standards on the market.

2020 Apple iPhones, Successors of the iPhone 11 range, will have dual 5G support

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5G technology is a combination of sub-6GHz low-band and mid-band frequencies with millimeter waves. Millimeter wave technology is quick, providing network speed in gigabits. Low-band sub-6 frequencies can penetrate barriers like windows and walls but is relatively slower than millimeter wave technology.

One challenge that users may face with this technology is the fact that Apple usually sells unlocked phones, basically meaning that buyers can slot in any SIM from any network carrier. This may not particularly work out well, as all of the 5G phones are tuned to the specific frequencies of the carrier. It is expected that the release of the phones will follow the pattern they have in previous years, which is either at the end of Q3 or at the beginning of Q4.


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