4G does not exist yet

Pardon me but 4G does not exist – it has been invented by the press and by people with little knowledge of the mobile world and the standards being used.

To call LTE 4G is simply misleading and is contributing in moving focus away from the possibilities created by mobile broadband and over to a technological race with nothing else than the number of G’s deciding whether something is good or bad.

Source: LTE not 4G – Strand

Strand are not alone in this. Here is further affirmation that 4G does not exist, whether we are talking of LTE or WiMax:

Hakan Eriksson, chief technology officer of Stockholm, Sweden-based telecom equipment giant Ericsson, doesn’t much care for WiMAX. He doesn’t even think of it as a real 4G wireless technology — though to be fair, since the ITU hasn’t actually set the standard yet, there are no real 4G technologies.

Source: WiMAX Not Really 4G: Ericsson CTO

Ericsson’s CTO seemed biased towards affirming LTE as 4G though – understandable, seeing that his company has invested in that technology. Understandable but wrong all the same.


MobilityNigeria regulars here will remember our own article titled
LTE – Beyond HSDPA/HSUPA in which we stated that “…LTE is more of an upgrade or enhancement of 3G technology the same way that EDGE is an enhancement of 2G technology..

As such, the HTC EVO 4G is not really a 4G device. But who cares? The power of misinformation.

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