4G LTE Speed Showdown: Lagos versus New York

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The guys at Laptop Magazine went to town to run speed tests on New York’s four (4) 4G LTE networks – ATT, Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon in a NYC 4G Showdown. The results of the 4G LTE speed tests will probably shock people here in Lagos who think that our 4G networks don’t deliver 4G at all. To spice it up, what I did was run a series of 4g lte speed tests on Smile 4G here in Lagos. Smile is the only 4G network I have access to, so it will have to do for now.

4G LTE speed Showdown New York versus Lagos

For my Smile 4G LTE speed tests, I ran six tests at various locations including: Alausa, Ojodu, Sabo, Ikeja, and Lagos Island. The results below are the average scores. There is no “App Download” score for Smile because I didn’t run that part of the test as run by the guys at Laptop Magazine. My device was giving an error about insufficient space”. Anyway, that aside, here is a fair view of download speeds of New York’s finest versus what is arguably Lagos’ finest:

4G LTE Showdown - New York City

Interesting results; no? Smile 4G didn’t do too bad, coming in 3rd place after Verizon and T-mobile. It did significantly better than both 4G networks of ATT and Sprint.

Note that Smile 4G is the only 4G network in Lagos that I am aware of whose SIM you can pop into your smartphone or tablet. For now, you will get data-only service though, as Smile isn’t offering voice service (yet?). If anyone knows any other 4G network here that you can use on a mobile or tablet, please share in the comments section below.

No; this is not a publicity stunt for Smile 4G.

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