A lot of people have the idea or notion that Apple is always the first when it comes to innovation. They assume anything you see

5 Copied Innovations That Shows Apple Are Not As Innovative As They Claim

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A lot of people have the idea or notion that Apple is always the first when it comes to innovation. They assume anything you see on the iPhone is not only unique to the device but the first anywhere in the world.
But recent studies have shown that this thought is not so true after all. Yes, Apple are innovators, but not idea or tech used by them is unique to them, some of them were in fact copied from other phone manufacturers.
Below is a list of 5 different technologies that are present on Apple devices that Apple did not intact create, but copied.

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1. Edge-to-edge Displays
Looking at the iPhone X full screen and edge display, you would be quick to assume Apple is the first to create the technology.
What you might not know is that Chinese OEM manufacturer, Xiaomi released a device a year earlier with edge display, before iPhone X was made.

2. Ambient Display
In 2015, Google launched something they called Ambient Display: a feature that allows you to see your notifications without unlocking your device.
One year later, 2016, Apple launched their own version called the “Raise to wake” which has very similar functions with slight modifications.

3. Fast charging
When you hear fast charging, and you read or see that the iPhone 8,8+ and X can charge up to 50% in 30 minutes, you are quick to assume it’s an apple innovation.
But that is wrong. Terribly wrong. Various Android devices have been using this technology as far back as 2 years earlier before the iPhone 8, 8+ and X were released.

4. Wireless charging
To this particular party, apple was extremely late! As far back as 2013, Google offered this function on Nexus 4 and even several Samsung devices came with this function, way-way before it appeared on any iPhone.

5. OLED displays
Before the OLED appeared on iPhone X, Nokia, Samsung, and even some Chinese manufacturers have used it for years.
Apple, in fact, had to meet Samsung to help them create the OLED screen for iPhone X.


  1. Honourable mentions: Face ID, The Notch :D, Apps, Multitasking, Fingerprint scanners… etc

  2. Isn’t Apple the most overhyped phone brand in recent history.

    Their restrictions and isolated user modules is probably y i never sought to use their devices amidst the popular craze.

    Apple phones to me are akin to a “louboutin high heel” or a “birkin” handbag …yes, they are good products, well built and quality on the line, but u don’t really enjoy the experience and fully explore what you bought so expensively. It’s not like owning an “Air jordan snicker” or customising an android google pixel you know.

    It’s a trophy phone imo…

  3. Quality no doubt, flamboyant and show off, have actually taken the shine of the core function of the iPhone brand. Yes this is the Nigerian eco-system i know.. Sometimes i wonder what extra bite it offers to warrant such a price gap. I for one know that iPhone is also into the business of copying ideas.. Where are the iPhone fans..

  4. That’s why we were always advised to cover our work during exams. Some persons will copy from you and score more marks than you…
    That’s the case of apple ; they copy, modify, then implement….

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