What is the hype about 5 minutes fast charge all about?

Many residents of Nigeria live with epileptic power supply. You may be familiar with this scenario: NEPA brings light and you jump up, “Up NEPA!” 5 minutes later, the power supply is gone. What you gonna do? Tear your hair out? Nah. A phone that can charge up that fast in 5 minutes sounds like the kind of smartphone you should be carrying around. That would be a phone like the Infinix Note 3.

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What Is 5 Minutes Fast Charge?

By 5 minutes fast charge, Infinix Mobility officials say that when plugged in for 5 minutes, the Note 3 gets charged up with enough juice to keep you talking for 200 minutes. That sounds fantastic, if you ask me. The question I asked was how many minutes or hours of web browsing or social media activity does that 5 minutes fast charge translate to? That will be interesting to know, truly. Anyway, what we know is compelling enough.

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Looking At The BIG Picture

The fast charge feature of the Note 3 is amazing, but that isn’t all. It packs a 4,500 mAh battery, a bright 6-inch display, 13 megapixel rear camera, and fingerprint scanner, all encased in a beautiful metal unibody. See the full specifications, as well as our Infinix Note 3 photo gallery. For all you lovers of big things, this Big Thing from JIM (JIM = Jumia, Infinix MTN) is one you will love. Infinix has broken from the mold and given us a really beautiful device this time.

Bonus And Availability

MTN’s General Manager Consumer Marketing also stated that buyers of the phone will get a 7GB data bundle for N2,000 or a 3GB bundle for N1,000 only. Infinix Note 3 is available on Jumia.com.ng for N54,700.

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