What is the hype about 5 minutes fast charge all about?

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Many residents of Nigeria live with epileptic power supply. You may be familiar with this scenario: NEPA brings light and you jump up, “Up NEPA!” 5 minutes later, the power supply is gone. What you gonna do? Tear your hair out? Nah. A phone that can charge up that fast in 5 minutes sounds like the kind of smartphone you should be carrying around. That would be a phone like the Infinix Note 3.

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What Is 5 Minutes Fast Charge?

By 5 minutes fast charge, Infinix Mobility officials say that when plugged in for 5 minutes, the Note 3 gets charged up with enough juice to keep you talking for 200 minutes. That sounds fantastic, if you ask me. The question I asked was how many minutes or hours of web browsing or social media activity does that 5 minutes fast charge translate to? That will be interesting to know, truly. Anyway, what we know is compelling enough.

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Looking At The BIG Picture

The fast charge feature of the Note 3 is amazing, but that isn’t all. It packs a 4,500 mAh battery, a bright 6-inch display, 13 megapixel rear camera, and fingerprint scanner, all encased in a beautiful metal unibody. See the full specifications, as well as our Infinix Note 3 photo gallery. For all you lovers of big things, this Big Thing from JIM (JIM = Jumia, Infinix MTN) is one you will love. Infinix has broken from the mold and given us a really beautiful device this time.

Bonus And Availability

MTN’s General Manager Consumer Marketing also stated that buyers of the phone will get a 7GB data bundle for N2,000 or a 3GB bundle for N1,000 only. Infinix Note 3 is available on Jumia.com.ng for N54,700.


  1. Every phone should come with this kind of quick charge.

    Coupled with the schizophrenic power supply in most parts of Nigeria, and the six inches display, this is a phone I would kidnap for !

  2. Fast charge is one feature I’ve enjoyed so much on Infinix, from Hot Note to Note 2 that I’m currently using. Just a few minutes and my phone is significantly charged. Hoping to cop the Note 3 soon… meanwhile my Note 2 is up for sale.

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