A dual USB flash drive for your mobile and PC

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Sony USB flash drive

If you are like me, there must have been times when you needed to copy files from one mobile device to another, or from mobile to PC, or PC to mobile. It may just be a need to backup the content on your smartphone to a flash drive for use in a possible number of scenarios later. The problem is that the existing flash drives can be plugged into smartphones that have USB-on-the-go functionality only with an adapter. Should the adapter go missing (or be forgotten at home), you are unable to do anything.

Sony is coming to our rescue with a dual USB flash drive that has both a standard USB connector as well as the micro-USB connector that is compatible with most smartphones. This eliminates the need for an adapter.


  1. This is a welcome development but it may take some time to reach the general public. Remember Huawei Ultrastick, a 3G modem in a SD card which was all over the media a few months ago. Till date, I have heard no new tidbits about it.

  2. great idea, would be the first of its kind from a major manufacturer. there’s something like this I peeped on KickStarter a while back

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