A first look at Blackberry OS 10.3.2 on the Passport

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I recently got the 10.3.2 update on my BlackBerry Passport. It is not the version that the Canadian manufacturers mentioned was seeding sometime in June; rather it is software release:, OS version: To get to this version, I had to download an update about 700MB large; and subsequently a 1.6GB download.

Blackberry OS 10.3.2 Passport

Part of the noticeable improvements the update brings to the Passport, is the ability to swipe across the keyboard, to navigate app pages, and even take you to the hub. Swiping ability on the optical keyboard of the Passport is nothing new; but it’s interesting to see the functionality extended.

There are other improvements present now – like the ‘Hold to stay awake’ function, added under the advanced interactions option in the Settings list. This keeps your device’s screen on for longer, if activated – it overrides the screen timeout.

Another very visible addition – probably the most visible – is the addition of the Amazon store app (Note: this is not the Amazon appstore which has been present since the emergence of OS 10.3). It makes me wonder if BlackBerry is intensifying it’s relationship with the retail giant. Regardless, you now have one more bloatware to deal with, as it is uninstallable.

Blackberry OS 10.3.2 Passport menu

At this point, I think it is important to mention that my device houses a Glo SIM. So for those who haven’t gotten the update, perhaps popping in a SIM from the Nigerian telco might aid.

Blackberry OS 10.3.2 Passport latest software

Finally, this does not exhaust the improvements that the 10.3.2 update brings to the Passport. I intend to discuss more that I find in my ‘re-visiting’ review, in the coming month .

Have you got the 10.3.2 OS update? What version is it? What network do you use? What are the new features you have found? Do you think it was worth the wait? Please share your views with us. We love hearing from you!


  1. Most updates i’ve downloaded for my BlackBerry devices end up not really disappointing me, but not wowing me either.

    I notice no difference before and after downloads and perhaps, I would not update iif not for the pop-ups that keep prompting me to upload software. *sighs*

  2. @olamidemb I suggest you do thorough before and after updating, u’d be surprised at what difference there is, else such poo ups won’t come up.

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