A Pictorial Account Of The Nigeria Tech Community Christmas Party (CcHubBash) 2011

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The Co-Creation Hub Christmas Party for the Nigerian Tech Community held on Friday 16th December 2011. It turned out to be an awesome time.

I don’t know about you, but 2011 has been fairly stressful for me, so when I heard “party”, all my adrenaline went into full gear. Here was an opportunity to unwind and have fun, and I wasn’t going to miss it for the world.

Below are some pictures that I believe captured the essence and drama of the night. There are many more pictures than these, and I have provided links to the full albums at the end of this article.

I have included my commentary, and I hope that you have some fun going through this brief pictorial account.

Osiboi heads Opera Africa, sponsors of the party. We talk serious stuff a bit
Mobility's Omonzua & her sister, Jesusemen
Here we are square dancing to D'banj's Oliver Twist
Our own Omonzua announcing the winner of the dance competition. Errr.... is that an admirer?

I suspect that we might be getting more phone calls than usual at Mobility Towers from now. Omon seemed to have more than her fair share of admirers. Trust me. However, if you quote me on this, I will deny it vehemently. Thank you.

Presentation of gift to Dancing Competition winner by Mobility's Omonzua
The champagne team. Left-Right: Gbenga Sesan, Kathleen Ndongmo, Emeka Okoye, Mister Mobility, and Bosun Tijani

I was selected to pop a bottle of champagne. Lawd knows I had no idea how to go about that. In the above pic, I was trying to coax Emeka into doing it. Thankfully, Bosun rescued me when the time came. Phew!

Nikki - a Mobility blog faithful - takes me on
Mobility's Izi baby trying me!
CcHub co-hosts, Bosun Tijani (left) and Femi Longe (right). Too hot!
CcHub co-host, Bosun and Mobility blog regular, Bukonla show us how its done
Gbenga Sesan and his Ladies (left-right: Kathleen Ndongmo, Bukonla Shobanjo, and Pearl Ezeokeke). You can tell that I gate-crashed on this.

It needs also be said that Gbenga Sesan did all his dancing that night by mouth. We suspect that he did that to protect his future political career from embarrassment. Yes, Gbenga; call your lawyers.

And, yes; I’m just beefing that he had all the ladies’ attention and I didn’t.

left-Right: Femi Longe, Mister Mobility, Bosun Tijani, and Nicole Ogho

And Now, Some Honourable mentions

There were some individuals who stood out on the dance floor that night. Here they are:

At the top of the list is Emeka Okoye. He's got moves from waaay back!
Next on the honourable mention list is Abiodun Thorpe, a dancer to the bone
This lady dancer warmed my heart with her steps all through. Here, she digs it with the eventual winner of the night's dancing competition. Pity I didn't get a dance. Next time, sista!

Unfortunately, the above are not exhaustive. Lots more people showed dance floor talent that night that are not included above.

One thing is for sure, techies know how to party. Thanks to C0-Creation Hub and Opera Africa for an awesome event.

More Pictures

There are in all a total of 315 pictures published. There are certainly more exciting pictures than those selected for this report, so if you are game, head for the albums below on CcHub’s Facebook page.

You can view the full albums here:
1. Christmas Party for the Nigerian Tech Community

2. Christmas Party for the Nigerian Tech Community – Continuation


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