A custom skin is a front-end touch interface developed by a smartphone manufacturer to change the look and feel of the operating system on their

A question for Samsung smartphone users

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Samsung TouchWiz

A custom skin is a front-end touch interface developed by a smartphone manufacturer to change the look and feel of the operating system on their phone. It allows them to differentiate in terms of how people interact with the phone and with extra software as well. It isn’t uncommon to hear people say that the custom skins that many manufacturers put on their Android phones are ugly and annoying. Over and over again, skins like TouchWiz, Motoblur, and Sense UI take a hit on blogs, forums and social networks.

All of Samsung’s Android smartphones have TouchWiz implemented. All of them. Yet, Samsung is a runaway hit, selling phones in shiploads each year. In the grand scheme of things, could it be that TouchWiz is actually more loved than what the techie crowd (usually the most vocal critics of anything tech online) make of it? Could the scores of millions of people buying Samsung phones actually love TouchWiz? Or do they buy those phones for other reasons and merely tolerate TouchWiz?

I am ignoring all the other major Android smartphone brands for now, as they are not selling well enough to even make a profit, so it is really hard asking questions about those. Samsung is the Android champion and a glowing one, so let’s talk. What role is TouchWiz playing in Samsung’s success as an Android manufacturer?

Do you use a Samsung smartphone or have you ever used one? Did/do you like the user interface? Why?

  1. I use a Samsung galaxy s7562 dual sim phone as my primary phone at the moment. I have to say that the Touchwiz is simply fun to use because it allows me to customize my phone just the way I want it. The user interface is very easy to navigate and easily customisable.
    You can never be wrong with a Samsung smartphone.

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy T989 that run Action and Nova launcher respectively. I do not like Touchwiz and its icons nor do I like the position of the menu button at the extreme right. Centre works fine for me.

    Same with Sense 5, I had a HTC One last week and nothing about it got me excited.

    I say down DOWN with OEM Custom skin jare

  3. After using Samsung galaxy S,
    I’ve tried many other android devices from hp, Dell, Sony, LG, infinix, HTC and lots of other Chinese brands. They all do the work but since Sammy touchwhiz makes android more fun to use, i had to stick back to a Sammy phablet. It really took advantage of swipe tech and offers you numerous distinct feature like optional keyboard other than android keyboard. A sister had to drop her infinix race eagle just after 8days because she found it boring.
    Their hardware is of good quality too.. even though it runs in a cheap plastic.

  4. Actually Samsung software improves on pure android in certain seemingly little aspects. Easy copying of files from USB, easy transfer via wifi direct, easy streaming to your smart TV, all the touch gestures and shortcuts. Also the ability to have a memory card and swappable battery makes some people choose Samsung devices over Nexus or HTC devices. The S pen also makes a lot of sense.

    Added to all this is the superior presence of Samsung everywhere! There are outlets and service centres near you and the 2 year smart care warranty is a killer. At this point the real question would be why people even buy other devices.

  5. Khene, am not bothered about the Sammy o! Can’t touch it even if its the last phone on earth. But what u said about the HTC One, I say u take it back. That’s the best phone ever to have been made for the year 2013.

  6. I’ve never made any bones about how much I hate TouchWiz, and I’ve used it from Gingerbread to Jellybean.

    I hear people telling me how wonderful it is compared to the previous versions but I don’t get it as the changes just seem cosmetic. The last straw for me was the Samsung Galaxy S3 – I hated TouchWiz so much I hardly used it and sold the phone as quickly as I could.

    Maybe it’s for the diehard Ssung fans who love all things Samsung and can’t deal with anything else (notice the similarity with iOS fans?)

    As the saying goes “monkey no be fine but…”

  7. I used to be bothered about Touchwiz until I tried the Cyanogen Mod rom and I just couldnt stand the missing features in the their close to stock android ROM. To me stock android is just plain boring, and having an app launch 20 seconds faster isn’t worth losing all the features that comes with Touchwiz like the S-Pen, better clipboard, better camera features, group play, blocking mode, multiwindow and so much more. The only thing I dont like it’s the choice of icons which can easily be remedied by using a third party app launcher.

    Only tech reviewers have a major problem with touchwiz, the other people just install another launcher or use it all the same.

  8. The name samsung always get pple excited that’s why pple go for it, HTC sense is way better than the touchwiz anytime any day(judging from my samsung galaxy Y pro duos, galaxy s3, core and my HTC one experience) and maybe bcos sammy is cheaper than HTC. If you ask me I will say you get the best android experience from HTC.

  9. I believe the question to ask is what works best for you. As for me, I moved from the Sammy Note2 to the Note3 and I’m having no issues /problems with touch wiz so far, it works for me and I’m loving it even though I change my launcher from time to time.
    It’s an add on and I guaranty you that more is always better.

  10. You can only fool everybody differently, you can’t fool everybody same time.
    How did Samsung manage to fool everybody differently?
    People from different parts of this planet have used and accepted Sammy touchwhiz.
    If HTC, LG or Sony was better, why are they still miles behind?
    Sammy didn’t pay me for buying their devices, they only impressed me to keep coming back for more. Same goes for their TVs.

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