A Review of Zain’s Mobile Portal, Z-Zone

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Zain Nigeria recently revamped their WAP/mobile portal, renaming it “Z-Zone”. The portal homepage is bright, catchy and well laid out. With a black background and colourful button links, Z-Zone is a looker.

1The homepage sports links to Hot Picks, Religious, Ringtones, News & Sports, Games, Wallpapers & Animations, Videos, Feedback and more.

So far as I can tell, everything available on the Z-Zone portal is commercial. That means you have to pay to access them. The fees are deducted from your airtime, which is brilliant and straightforward. After selecting the specific content you want, there’s the option to accept to be billed. Once you click “I accept”, the fee is deducted from your balance and your download or item is presented.

There is nothing complicated about Z-Zone, and the purchasing mechanism is straightforward once you have chosen to part with your money.

There is however one aspect that is a bit annoying – the navigation. Here’s a scenario: if you want to read a news item, it takes 5 (that’s five) clicks one homepage to get to the page where you are presented with the info:

You are about to buy content from Zainfor the price of 20 NGN. Please click “I accept” to continue.

Depending ion what else you want, it may require more than those five steps.

6Five steps is a bit too much, in my opinion. Perhaps Zain can re-work the navigation to accomodate sub-categories? For example, under News & Sports on the homepage can be an unordered list of sub-categories. That automatically reduces the steps from five to four.

If consistently implemented through the various menus, a subscriber shouldn’t have to click through more than three menus to get to most items.

Check out Z-Zone on your phone sometime at wap.ng.zain.com.

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