Abomination! Apple provides support for micro SD card

Did you ever think the day would come when Apple would add support for micro SD card in any way? Well, the day is here. Apple Music for Android version 0.9.5 is here and right in the changelog of the app, it says:

This update adds downloading songs to an SD card, so you can now keep more music offline.

This is amazing, considering Apple’s legendary snobbery of expandable storage in its devices. But strange things are now the norm in the smartphone world. Perhaps, soon, we shall see an iPhone with a memory card slot. After all, a few years ago, there was no large screen iPhone.

Apple Music for Android

The update also includes the following changes:

• You can see the full schedule of Beats 1 shows, making it easy to tune in to your favourite ones.

• You can browse My Music by Composers and Compilations, which help you find music your classical albums or movie soundtracks.

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