Sometimes in March this year, the Samsung phone brand released the long anticipated Samsung S9 and S9+ worldwide without excluding Nigeria. The release has gotten

Samsung S9: All you need to know

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Sometimes in March this year, the Samsung phone brand released the long anticipated Samsung S9 and S9+ worldwide without excluding Nigeria. The release has gotten voluminous footfalls at Samsung phone outlets and other gadget stores with curious Samsung fans excited to check the features of the new phone.
For those that are yet to meet the new S9 in person, below are all you need to know about Samsung S9, the new phone that makes it worth the buzz and hype it has created.

Meet the Galaxy S9

At first glance of the Samsung Galaxy S9, one might probably say it looks just like its forerunner, Samsung S8, but in fact they are absolutely different with new amazing features. Let’s start with the appearance. The S9 comes with a 5.8-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2960 pixels.

The Galaxy S9+ is a bigger version of the S9. But beyond size, there are significant differences between Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. Those differences are hardware-based though. The two phones share the same software.

Here are some of the amazing features you will find on the new Samsung S9.

about Samsung S9

About Samsung S9: Live Translation

This must be the most amazing features on the S9, most especially for those that enjoy travelling. The camera translates other languages to English. If the camera can see it, then you can translate it. This means you have your personal translator with you wherever you go. Although this specification is not applicable in some countries yet, but this has to be the best feature yet.

With just this feature, I do not mind walking into any outlet in Lagos to get the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and pay later.

About Samsung S9: AR emoji

With Snapchat, we enjoy the augmented images, but with Samsung S9, we are in to enjoy Samsung’s version of animated emoji that allows the camera turn your face into an avatar that resembles you and then uses your facial expressions to animate the character. This is just like the bitmoji, but it is better because the emoji does not just look life-like but they look like you.

About Samsung S9: Super-slow-motion video

We may think we’ve seen super-slow-motion video in other smartphones, but Samsung’s execution is exceptionally addictive. The S9 camera can slow down a video clip to 960 frames per second at 720p resolution for 0.2 seconds to create a 6-second clip you can share across all social media platforms.
When shooting in super-slow-motion mode, the camera lens automatically detects when action appears in the frame and slows it down for you, allowing you view memories in the best way possible.

About Samsung S9: F1.5 Aperture Mode

For those that get frustrated when they are unable to take pictures at night because of poor light-conditions, like at night concert, say no more. The Samsung S9 has a lens that opens to F1.5 mode to pull in light for a bright and clear photo. According to Samsung, this feature lets in 28-percent more light than the S8 shooter, and this is just perfect for anyone that wants good images both day and night.

About Samsung S9: Intelligent scan

Samsung gives you more security with the Galaxy S9. Unlike the Galaxy S8 that offers three modes of authenticating your identity: iris scanning, facial recognition and the fingerprint sensor, the S9 adds a fourth, called Intelligent Scan. The new method combines facial and iris scanning, which means you won’t have to pick between the two when one method fails; the S9 will simply default to the other.

According to Samsung this is because: iris scanning tends to fail in direct sunlight and that facial recognition can be spotty at night, so Intelligent Scan combines the two for a lower failure rate.

The Samsung S9 also has other features like the multi device experience that allows you share your screen with other Samsung phones without stress. This and other features makes the new Samsung S9 and S9+ irresistible. And if you are as excited as I am to have it, you can get it now and pay on credit, provided you are a salary earner living in Lagos.

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