I am having a good laugh over this. A really good laugh. I have been laughing so hard for days. I mean, what else would

The adblocker now sells ads: What a joke!

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I am having a good laugh over this. A really good laugh. I have been laughing so hard for days. I mean, what else would my reaction be to the news that an adblocker now sells…you guessed right…ads! Brilliant. Absolutely hilarious.

I have never attempted to be politically correct or nice about this subject. It is absolutely ridiculous for anyone to deny publishers of income. Yet, that is what massive crowds of website users do. They refuse to pay for access to online content, so publishers turn to ads for income. Then the same web users block off ads using one of the available adblockers. I have never seen anything so ridiculous.

Plot Twist

Anyway, where it gets interesting is when AdBlock Plus, an adblocker, decided that ads were not so bad and decided to become a policeman of the web ads world. They would determine what ads are appropriate and let those through. Of course, for that to happen, the ad networks behind those ads have to pay AdBlock Plus. Any publisher can signup for the service. And so, web users will see those whitelisted ads even when they have turned ads off in their adblockers. Hopefully, you see why I find this hilarious and cannot stop laughing.

LOL - Adblocker

It was about the money right from the start. The adblockers were only cornering a piece of the pie for themselves. If any web users ever thought that adblockers were looking out for them, such users have no business sense and were wrong. They need to stop drinking the KoolAid of these companies and wake up to reality.

AdBlocker: Judge, Jury, Executioner

AdBlock Plus set up a gate to keep ads from readers. Then they convert the gates to tolls and unilaterally decides what ads are acceptable to pass through the gates. Well played. Just wait till the other adblockers get on this train ride. Guess who the joke is on.

Enjoy the charade, people. Or just uninstall those con artiste adblockers and let publishers of the great content that you so enjoy earn honest income from advertising. No; I am not going to be nice about this. LOL and ROTFL.

PS: Web users will not escape advertising as long as they are unwilling to pay for content. I have said this for years. Anyone found out how to block direct ads yet? Huh? One way or the other, the advertising industry will get those ads out. The almighty advertising industry always wins.

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  1. Well, how about Aunty Virus companies reputed to also research into and create new viruses, to keep in business?

    Business is often mistakenly ascribed to just service but is hardly ever so,a and is more about the money..

    …provide the service and the money would follow

    If only business life was that simple!

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