This Adult site is offering you free Google VR Headsets

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Remember when we announced, OnePlus is giving away free Cardboard VR headsets for the launch of their latest flagship, the OnePlus 2. This will actually be the first product launch to be done in VR (Virtual Reality). Oh well, the adult (p0rn) industry isn’t taking a back seat when it comes to implementing new technologies.

Google Cardboard

In fact, most times they’re the ones pushing and fostering new tech. I was surprised to learn some sites have started offering videos in VR and one of them is behind a new website that is giving away free Cardboard headsets with free shipping.

Simply head to and fill in your email, name, address and device type. One must be at least 18 years to benefit from this, and they promise confidentiality of your address, as it’s only required for shipping the headset. Sadly it’s only available for US residents.


  1. You insert your device into the headset, Install the VR app and enjoy your video

  2. so you are watching the video on ur phone tru the app on the headset?… how’s this virtual? are videos on phones virtual?

  3. You can read more on Google Cardboard, and see more pictures of it to understand how it works. When you install the apps that stream on VR, you launch it and insert your phone inside the headset. Wear it and enjoy the VR experience.

  4. wow .. good stuff… when will we b getting some of such genius in this backwater land???

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