Advertisement Airtel Nigeria has introduced two new low-cost generic data plans for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone users, as follows: 2GB for N2,000 4.5GB for N3,500 Airtel…

Airtel has new low-cost data plans for everyone!

Airtel Android Bundle


Airtel Nigeria has introduced two new low-cost generic data plans for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone users, as follows:

  • 2GB for N2,000
  • 4.5GB for N3,500

Airtel is marketing it as for Android users – likely to ride on the wave generated by the recent petition to the NCC (heck; even we marketed MobiBlaze as affordable internet for Android users, even though it works on all smartphones). It is just good marketing. In reality, the new data plans are actually generic plans, and Airtel themselves have confirmed that they work on other phones. From Airtel’s FAQ:


Question: Can the Android Bundle be used on other devices?
Answer: Yes, the Android Bundle can be used on other devices

And this Twitter exchange:


So, we see that the data plans are actually generic and not specific to Android in any way. I did say in response to the petition to NCC for special plans for Android users that the best that can happen is a generic reduction. Unless Google champions it, a special plan for Android users alone is a joke.

If you are on the Airtel network and use any smartphone (Android, Windows Phone or iPhone), here are the things you need to do:

  • Dial *141*200# to get a 2GB bundle @ N2000
  • Dial *141*450# to get a 4.5GB bundle @ N3500
  • Dial *223# to check your balance
  • Airtel says the bundle allows users to enjoy browsing at a more affordable rate at night. Please clarify with Airtel

Kudos to Airtel. Now, we are expecting the other networks going to respond to this.

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  1. Notwithstanding my misgivings against MTN, I still prefer their night plan of 3G for N2,500, with additional 1.5G to be exhausted before the night plan begins proper. If you’re fortunate to reside in areas where MTN has decent UMT signals like I do in Enugu (lucky me), then, nothing comes close to this package for data-hungry Android devices.

  2. I hear they Bill 1 5 times daytime, and normal at night. How many people browse at night.?

    in reality, the 2 Gig for 2k is 1.33 Gig.

    It’s worse than the real 1Gig we were getting for N1.2k before the double billing for bb plans used on non bev devices.

    But, I guess this will blaze a trail for the other networks to follow ..av pride reduction trail..

  3. Well, Android users can like to stop Whining now. But it is a very decent move from Airtel. I hope others follow suit.

  4. Airtel should stop this nonsense of introduce formula for calculating data used on their non-BlackBerry smartphones. Yeah, the idea is not entirely bad but I need a note straightforward data plan that’s clearly spelt out than one introducing some subtly framed ambiguous clause.

  5. BBM data on non bb phones are scam. I used d plan on my Lumia but em scam oh. Airtel should give us a window data plan

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