Airtel Nigeria 4G network is popping up here and there

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Some mobile subscribers in Ibadan are reporting the presence of Airtel Nigeria 4G at their locations. Airtel is the last of the big four operators in Nigeria to rollout a 4G LTE network and subscribers have been waiting with some measure of impatience.

In early 2017, April to be specific, the operator announced that ZTE had commenced building a 4G network for them. We are few months away from a year since that announcement.

As usually happens, the new LTE network is likely to keep popping up at random locations around the country, then after the official launch, coverage will be expanded to more locations. For now, no user has been able to connect to it, but Airtel subscribers can expect an announcement of availability anytime soon.

I ran some network searches to see if I would be lucky to find a signal at my end, with no luck. If you would like to check at your end, dive into your 4G smartphone’s settings and open Mobile networksNetwork operatorsSearch networks. Tap Search networks to initiate a search.

After a short period, a list of available networks will be presented to you. Let us know if you see Airtel NG 4G listed or not. If you have an Airtel SIM in your 4G smartphone and you find Airtel 4G listed, you can also tap on it to see if you will be able to connect and use it.

Tip: Sometimes, pre-launch periods often mean free access, so give it a try. You never know… 😉


  1. I checked the network operator on my phone, Airtel 4G still not available. Shame to Airtel for still don’t know how to go about this

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