Airtel Pay As You Go data plan and Unlimited Time Packs

Nigerian mobile network operator, Airtel, has quietly launched a Pay As You Go browsing data plan. This is very similar to what Etisalat offered a while back. The plan offers Unlimited Time Packs. Dial a certain code and you can browse (or download unlimited) for a specified period of time on the Airtel Pay As You Go data plan.

Features of Airtel Unlimited Time Packs

The Airtel Pay As You Go unlimited time packs offer the following features:

  • Pay a flat rate for a specific period.
  • Browse unlimited data for the specified period.

How To Subscribe To Airtel Pay As You Go Data Plan (updated)

To subscribe for an Unlimited Time pack under this plan, simply dial, *439# then follow the prompts:

  • 5 minutes for N15. (this time pack does not appear in the service menu any more)
  • 10 minutes for N30. (this time pack does not appear in the service menu any more)
  • 30 minutes for N90 N300.
  • 60 minutes for N180 N500.

Airtel Pay as You Go data plan with unlimited time packs
Airtel Nigeria says that all the time-based unlimited data subscriptions have no data caps, so you can download as you please within the validity period you subscribed to.

On another note, I’m really concerned about this bundle plan. Looking at past experiences with Airtel, I have nagging questions: Will the speed be throttled ? Will the time count be less than normal? Or is there another trick we don’t know about?

Who has used any of the time-based unlimited data packs under this plan? Please share your experiences.

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  1. Knowing Airtel and their sleight of hand when it comes to data plans,there’s surely a catch somewhere..most likely you’ll end up with a severely throttled data speed,subscribe at your own risk..

  2. Once bitten twice shy – I can see a lot of complaints coming from this; first, they will take more than N180 from you and then say it was your fault when you only used 10 minutes in a day. And second, most Customer Service Agents won’t know anytihng about the tariff because, as usual, new tariff and they are kept in the dark so when a customer calls with a problem…

  3. My question is even. How does the plan work, does the time count start after subscription or after data is switched on for connection?

  4. So,if I stream a football match for 45 minutes do I get to switch it off and complete the remaining 15 minutes of a one hour subscription by the 2nd half of the match?

    1. technically, yes. that’s what happens on Etisalat’s analogous plan, but you never know with airtel

  5. This should be good for updating heavy apps. But I suspect you’ll get that 98% update failed experience… These guys are cunning.

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