Call Rates of 10k/Sec and SMS at N1 for Club 10. Customers to Enjoy Free Mid Night Calls, data, music downloads
and Caller Ring Back Tone

Airtel Unveils Club 10, New Package for Nigerian Youth

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Lagos, Nigeria; October 13, 2011: In line with its corporate vision of creating innovative, exciting, relevant and affordable telecommunications solutions, leading Mobile Operator, Airtel has introduced a special package for Nigerian youth.

The new package, Airtel Club 10, will enable Nigerian youth as well as the young-at-heart to create their own clubs of 10 members and communicate freely through voice, SMSs and data at very affordable rates.

Airtel Club 10 will enable youngsters and the young-at-heart to connect to nine people which may be close friends, school mates and family members at an attractive rate of 10kobo per second; send SMS at N1 per SMS and benefit from a posy of exciting complimentary offerings including free music download, data bundle, caller ring back tone (CRBT) and games.

Speaking on the new offer, the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director of Airtel Nigeria, Deepak Srivastava said Airtel Club 10 is a very distinctive different and germane offering that will further revolutionize the telecommunications industry in Nigeria as it gives young Nigerians the power and freedom to enjoy innovative telecoms packages at pocket friendly rates.

He said following the launch of the highly successful telecoms offerings such as 2Good, Big Family and 2SIMs, there was a need to design an exclusive and exciting package that will meet the needs, demands and aspirations of Nigerian youth.

“Airtel Club 10 is a result of painstaking research. We understand that Nigerian youth are trendy, social, hardworking and innovative. So, we created a package that will meet all of their needs without an adverse impact on their pockets.

“With Club 10, it is fun all the way as young Nigerians can now build a wide network of friends, enjoy complimentary data access and benefit from a wide range of free Value Added Services,” Said Srivastava.

Existing customers can subscribe to the Airtel Club 10 package by dialing *101#. Non Airtel customers are expected to purchase and register their SIMs and then dial *101# to connect to the package. To register friends, school mates and associates, customers are expected to dial *101*2* phone number #.

Under the Club 10 package, customers can make calls at 10k/sec for registered numbers; calls to other service classes within the network are billed at 20k/sec while calls to other networks are billed at 30k/sec. However, customers will be billed 60k/sec for the first minute.

For Short Messages Service, customers’ group’s SMS are billed at N1; other on-net SMS are billed at N3 and off-net SMS at N5. Free 10MB data valid for 1 week after N200 usage within 1 week. Free on-net mid night calls apply within 12:30a.m to 4:30a.m.


  1. Looks like a really generous package.

    Now, glo may have a soon_to_be_unfaithful unfaithful customer on its hands. Me!
    What is happening to the proposed UNIVERSAL NUMBERING SYSTEM?

  2. this is just one great service plan for customers all that is required now is proper advertising, particularly in the campuses, schools. That’s where this plan can really take off. Whoever came up with this plan is a genius, I only hope it doesn’t affect their profits in the long run. If they can execute this plan properly, I see others joining in with similar plans and even the almighty MTN too

  3. These guys are really beginning to put me in serious confusion but a welcomed confusion at that. Still the package is not entirely clear to me. For instance the 60k/s for the first minute. Will it only apply to calls to other networks or is it just for the first call of the day?


    You mean the number portability? I read recently that NCC has awarded the contract to there firm that would manage the number portability regime. They are expected to roll out the service in six months time. That would mean sometime next year.

    I’m presently on Airtel’s 2Good, so I’m going to sit me down and analyse this package thoroughly before deciding on what to do next. This is certainly a very competitive offer.

    Yomi we are going to need a FAQ here.

  4. @Harry, great to know something is being done about the number portability thing.

    For instance the 60k/s for the first minute. Will it only apply to calls to other networks or is it just for the first call of the day?

    …the first SIXTY SECONDS of the day.

  5. Why are you guys excited? 36naira for first min, 18naira to other networks, 12naira to Airtel, 6naira to just 10 airtel numbers…i’ll still go for glo infinito! i dont see anythin exciting abt this package cos very few of my friends use airtel anyway..however if mtn comes up with something like this…then thats exciting!

  6. It is easier to get younger people who aren’t doing business yet to activate an Airtel sim to enjoy this offer. (Except if you’ve been on Airtel originally)

    I’m thinking, if I’m using Glo as my primary line, why should I change to Airtel ‘cos of cheap call and sms? /It is good that it’s the young folks they are targetting.
    In my case, I can be moved to change if it’s internet data that comes with a juicy offer. I can always put my sim in a Nokia 3310.

  7. @shayman

    The plan is more about talking to your cliche of friends than anything else, it would work, paying 6Naira a minute for calls and 1 Naira for smses to them. It’s a brilliant idea. In my opinion but limited to students and people that do collaborative jobs

  8. @martinkem, Do u think as a glo, mtn or etisalat user you will be tempted to switch over to airtel just for this? I think its exciting for current airtel customers sha

  9. It’s high time attention shift from this voice tarrifs war to other sphere of the telecoms i.e data and VAS, while also improving QoS. What’s the point of aggressive low voice plan, when the operator’s capacity is replete with dropped calls and congestions?

  10. Even when the MNP comes, you can’t just flip networks whimsically. You’d have to remain somewhere for a while after migrating, besides each time you jump networks you pay a fee. So it’s still like paying for new SIM every other time with the only benefit being that you’d get to keep your number regardless of the network. I mean be in for a more pleasant suprise though.

  11. @shayman

    I can’t really see myself joining telecom for this package. Most of my contact use and prefer MTN, I have been using my new glo line for a year plus and I don’t have up to 5 glo numbers that I can regularly, and total number of my glo contacts aren’t up to 20 whilst my MTN numbers are close to 500. So I don’t see myself switching because of this plan, had it being Etisalat, I would have been truly elated.

    But still it’s a good plan one for early adapters, scholars and collaborative workers

  12. @martinkem..thats my point too..i dont think i have up to 10airtel numbers on my phone. Even if i do they all have mtn option..and d peeps that re really important to Me use mtn and etisalat..

  13. From my evaluation, the plan is really good for young Nigerian youth (students & non-students). Thanks to Airtel for this new initiative.

  14. Only 4 people that mean jack to me use Airtel so i usually have mtn and etisalat on…..then gbam, glo comes with great data plan so one had to go. My airtel just hangs in a plastic box till ma best friend (he uses airtel) starts to nag about the cost of calling then i switch to airtel. Yes, i’ve all 4sims. With fluctuating services, there is only so much i can take. When he sees this, i’m sure my airtel would have to pop into a phone *sighs*

  15. I dont see what pays in this plan with the 36naira daily.with bb,facebook and other social network,whats the use of sms.glo infinito still pays & mtn is cool(no 60k/sec for first minute daily)

  16. i dont know what have come with this ncc they need to deal with the networks in naija.see condition register 9 friends and call them for 10k per second with 60k hidden for the first minute and you call this benefit big fool.

  17. Very Nice pakage…..but I wonder y ders alwayz a clause to it. Cuz dey forgot to mention ders a subscription fee to it every 24hrs. Blahh!

  18. @a.k..b what do u mean by hudden rate? Wasnt aware that there was one. The sms price can be freakishly inconsistent charging N1 now, N3 the next time….all to the same number. Really airtel. Hidden charges. Can u guys ever surprise someone *fuming in righteous anger*

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