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Today, Google announced the next version of its Android OS – version 5.0 AKA “L”. The first thing of note is how the user interface has undergone a complete makeup. It is a paper-like, “flat”, colorful design pattern. But beyond just visuals, Android L brings other improvements, including the following:

  • new heads-up notifications – which pop interactive notifications over your current task. Sounds like Facebook’s chathead
  • Android’s Roboto font has been updated
  • a kill switch – the ability to remotely wipe the phone – has been added
  • improved app performance
  • a smarter unlock feature
  • improved power management

With respect to the new UI, Android seems to be moving in the direction of the elegance of Windows Phone’s flat user interface. No; I am not saying that Android L necessarily looks like Windows Phone, but that it follows the latter’s design pattern. A good move, in my opinion. Android is about to look and feel much more polished. I can’t but be happy. Unfortunately, Google hasn’t provided much images of what the new Material Design (as it is called) looks like on a device, so we have to wait to see more.

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  1. //*.new heads-up notifications – which pop interactive notifications over your current task.//

    Have always found that the way Notifications are handled on Android could be more attention_grabbing.

    But then, there is always an App for THAT. (Notify , and it’s ilk….)

    Now those App Authors need to find something else to develop….

    Looks like, these days, hard working Authors produce apps to address lapses in the OS, and the OS maker goes right ahead and steal that idea and implement it.


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