It was an exciting moment when I got my update notification on the Lumia 920 about an hour ago. I had a Wi-Fi connection active

Amber update downloaded, but couldn't be opened (8018830f) on Lumia 920

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Amber - 920 - Notification

It was an exciting moment when I got my update notification on the Lumia 920 about an hour ago. I had a Wi-Fi connection active and so initiated the download.

Amber - 920 - Progress

The download went smoothly, after which I got the following error message:

Amber - 920 - Error

The update was downloaded, but couldn’t be opened. (8018830f)

I checked my phone settings to make sure they were in order, and also checked to see that I have enough free storage. I have 5.3GB free, which is more than adequate. So, I ran the download a second time and got the same error message. A quick search online revealed that quite a number of Lumia 920 users are experiencing this same issue. From what I have read, hard-resetting the phone doesn’t help. I also found that there are two possible ways around it:

1. Flash your device manually by yourself and lose all data on it
2. Send your 920 off to Nokia Care (where I suspect it will be flashed for you, and still lose all data on it)

Personally, my days of manually flashing phones have long since been over. I’m too old for some of these geeky stuff. When I have the time, perhaps I shall send my 920 over to Nokia Care. Life goes on. To quote our Lord in the book of Mo chapter 4, verse 1, “Man shall not live by Amber alone, but…..”

Is there anyone resident in Nigeria who has received the Amber update on their Lumia 920? How did it go? If you ran into this error and found another way around it, do share as well.


  1. it is amazing how errors like this can slip by.

    what happens to process excellence?

    is it that nobody checks these things before they are pushed out to the public.?

    I dont get it !

  2. Yes, your phone will be wiped clean if you get the update at Nokia care shop. And we don’t mind some footage of the moonwalk, sir!

  3. Glad to hear it. I’ve been trying for the past two days but keep getting the same error. I was afraid it would take them months to rectify the problem considering how “important” Nigeria is in the general scheme of things.

    All day today I’ve been getting “The update could not be downloaded” message, but i suspect that might be the fault of my poor office wifi. I’ll try again when i get home.

    p.s: I’m glad to see you agree we old men should stick to old dance moves.

  4. Also had the same problem with L920 in Nigeria. And just tried this and it works

    Step 1 – install Lumia Updates from Store;
    Step 2 – update and/or install: Accessories, Accesspoint, Audio, Display + Touch, Extras + Info, Feedback to Nokia, Network+, Nokia Account and Storage Check (I think only this one is needed);
    Step 3 – go to settings > storage check (not phone storage) > slide to page 2 (Details) > Temporary Files(mine had about 130 megs, probably from the failed downloaded firmware) > Clear (now you should have around 6 megs);
    Step 4 – go to settings > phone updates > check for updates > follow the on-screen instructions > in about 30 minutes it should finish.

    Original thread is here

    You may skip Steps 1 and 2

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