Amber update rolling out for Nokia Lumia 720 owners in Nigeria

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Lumia 720 with Amber

Today, I got the notification for Nokia’s Amber update on my Lumia 720. I mentioned it in the Mobility Windows Phone Room and shortly after that another member of the Room announced that he had gotten his notification too. I completed my update tonight without any issues and can confirm that Amber brings, among others, the following to the Lumia 720:

1. Glance Screen
2. Ability to choose an alternative app for the camera button to launch
3. Improvements to the built-in camera app
4. FM radio
5. Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth SMART)
6. Call + SMS filter
7. Lumia Colour Profile
8. Touch Sensitivity
9. Storage Check and faster map updates

The ‘double tap to wake up the phone’ feature is not supported on Lumia 720.

If you own a Nokia Lumia 720 and reside in Nigeria and have not gotten your Amber update yet, the good news is that you can expect it any time from now. If you have updated, do share your experience and what you think of the new features.

  1. Congratulations once again on the second update within a month for your two phones. I really miss the mobility windowsphone group. The fbk messenger (chat)on my L920 all of a sudden stopped connecting and as a result I can’t post or receive any post from the group.
    I have tried all the best I can, I have cried for help on twitter, but all the help rendered couldn’t solve the problem.
    Now to the list of things you got out of the amber update, you mentioned Bluetooth low energy and color profile, I stil don’t understand. How do I check for this two things on my L920? Thanks

  2. Andy,

    Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth SMART) is intended to provide reduced power consumption and lower cost. The update adds this to the built-in Bluetooth system on your device. It isn’t a setting.

    The Lumia Colour Profile settings can be found under: Settings -> Display

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