An app that reads the news to you is a winner

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Every other news app that you have come across requires you to hold your smartphone and look at the screen to read the news. Now, imagine a news app that works like radio – it reads the news to you. Perfect marriage, I say.

Has it occurred to you why radio has survived (and thrived) till today despite the onslaught of television and other media? Simple: it is a media that you turn on and leave in the background while doing anything else.


Whether you are driving, doing the laundry, cooking, taking a walk, or just sitting on a sunny beach, radio is so convenient. Once tuned, you can actually ignore it. It does not need your attention in order to deliver content to you.

So, imagine an app that lets you pick your news sources, and perhaps even preset what time every day that it reads out the news to you automatically. You set it up and just forget about it. At your preset times, it kicks in and reads the news out to you. Every day. Radio on fleek. Eldorado.

The grapevine has it that Microsoft is working on such an app. We don’t have all the details besides the fact that it reads the news. But I can only hope that it does so with the level of automation that I described above.


  1. quite a few apps already have this functionality. SoundGecko, Pocket, News+ & Umano & Winston (for iPhone). plus you can have your Android devicr read any on screen text back to you

  2. Exactly.

    @Voice Aloud…. Android…

    I guess small victories are worth celebrating on these kindergarten OSes

  3. is it not the technology that reads sms on android phones? lets just wait we will see how it will come out

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