We download mobile apps but problems often arise. This article lists the top ways to fix the Android app not installed error.

How to fix Android App Not Installed Error

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Mobile apps have become a core part of our everyday lives. We are constantly installing new apps for one thing or the other or using a web app alternative. However, sometimes we download apps and run into a problem installing or using them. One of the most common problems is that in which you see the error Application not installed or Android app not installed error on Android smartphones.


This problem is very common with APK files downloaded from the wild (APK is the format for Android apps). No matter how you try, you still get the same error. What could be the cause of this? We shall explore the common causes and possible solutions and fixes to this issue.

Android app not installed


Possible/Common causes of Android app not Installed error

  1. Insufficient storage space: Your storage space may have filled up with no more space to accommodate new apps.
  2. Corrupted app or apk file: This is most common with software downloaded from outside Google Play Store, Android’s official app market. The app is either corrupted or incompletely downloaded or copied as the case maybe.
  3. Incorrect app install location: Some apps are meant to be only installed on phone memory while some others can be installed on both phone memory and SD card. Trying do otherwise with the former can bring up this errors.
  4. Installation on a mounted SD card: Maybe, your SD card is mounted on a laptop or elsewhere. Trying to install anything in this state will result in Android app not installed errors because the SD card is inaccessible.
  5. Corrupted storage (Phone and SD card): This is probably the most common cause of this error. If the storage of your device is corrupted, any app installation will be impossible.
  6. Apk signature/certificate clash: Installing another version of an app (with a different signed certificate) on the same device will probably result in this error. Installing an unsigned app could also result in this error.
  7. App permission errors or temporary phone software glitches could also bring about this error.

Having looked at each of the common factors that could lead to this error on your Android smartphone, it is time to look at how it can be fixed.


We will be listing below some of the available, proven solutions to the Android app not Installed error.


The way to go about it is try each one from the first and check to see whether the problem is solved. If one doesn’t work for you, another likely will.

Android apps not installed


Solutions and Fixes for Android app not installed error or Application not Installed error

Here are all the different ways to stop the Android app not installed error. What to do is try them out one after the other till you find one that works for you.

  1. Reboot the phone: In times like this, first thing to do is to reboot your device. Or just shut down, remove and reinsert your battery.
  2. Make sure to uninstall any mobile software you don’t use to free up space, also uninstall previous versions of the same app currently installed on your device.
  3. Double check the apk files you download and be sure they were completely copied or downloaded.
  4. Try resetting app permissions by going to Settings >Apps>All>Menu key >Reset application permissions or Reset app preferences.
  5. Change app installation location to Automatic or Let system decide.
  6. Make sure your SD card is not mounted or connected to a PC or elsewhere.
  7. For worst case scenarios, format your SD card – copy it’s contents somewhere else for backup and format.
  8. The last solution would be to totally wipe your device. Either by doing a factory reset under Settings or by doing a full wipe in recovery mode.

To truly confirm that the issue is fixed, download another mobile app and try to install it. The Android app Not Installed error should be gone now.

Do let us have your feedback if the above solutions and fixes for the error worked for you.

download mobile apps - Application Not installed - app not installed on android
Android app not installed

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  1. Hi my whatsapp disappeared suddenly then i cant install it again i faced with app not installed i checked if there be installed somwhere on my sd or internal but it wasnt and i cant install any version of it please help me with a solution thanks

  2. huawei y320 u30 i am having app not installed problem is coming i try the above please tell the correct soln ..

  3. Why only nba 2k15 is not installinginstalling? But other is succesfully installed my sd card. I’ve already try any possible solutions but it is not working. Can someone please help to solve this problem? Please? Im begging you.

  4. For the instance Google Play store looks like it is downloading an app, but then you get a message that the app was not installed due to insufficient space and you are sure you do actually have enough space– I cleared the cache, turned off the phone, opened it up and removed the battery and sim card, waited approximately two minutes or so, reinstalled the battery and sim card. Restarted the phone and went back into the Google Play store and it downloaded and installed apps without a problem. This has happened at least twice and each time this method worked for me. If you are going to take out the battery, make sure your phone contacts are saved to the SIM card as well as any pictures or videos backed up or saved in the cloud (just in case).

  5. 1 st change your installation part to phone storage
    2nd reboot the device
    3rd now try to install 🙂
    i wish it could help you

  6. *Try resetting app permissions by going to Settings >Apps>All>Menu key >Reset application permissions or Reset app preferences.

    worked 100% on my galaxy s4. thanks!

  7. I did everything for my micromax unite2 but same error occurd.i dnt understand what to do i unable to install youtube.

  8. Its working guys just reset preference in app management and clear catche playstore restart ur phone and download again that app will fixed that issue.its wrking for me by this steps really helps ur blogs thank u so much.

  9. Hi, Elroy and thanks for sharing the effective Article. Before I was like hopeless with this issue and searching for a solution. But after applying your all the tips its like all gone.
    Thanks again bro….

  10. I am unable to install some apps before I was previously had after resetting my phone when I am going to install those apps it appeared saying ” APP NOT INSTALLED”please help me how to overcome this problem

  11. Im using Infinix Hote Note, i had a problem with that App Not Installed.
    I read from online saying i have to root ma phone, i made mistake by not backing up my files and i lost all my documents. Now the root is done, I downloaded es Explore> device>system>Vendor>Operator>app> i deleted the Green whatsapp. After i reboot the phone and intalled the app i am still facing the same problem PLEASE TRY AND HELP ME.

  12. Story: I thought I lost MCPE, but apparently my SD card had newer data, removed newer data, reinstalled old data. BAM!!! Back to MCPEing.

  13. Go to App manager. Check if you already have that app installed. Remove the app for all users. and then try to reinstall from your downloads directory.

  14. Am using using kimfly z1am having same problem wit my phone it suddenly stop installing apps i can’t find application permission or reset app reference have try d factory reset but it not working plssssssss help me i get no app on my fone anymore

  15. I’m from serbia and l want to root my device but when l want to install KINGROOT thet just say app not installed. I tryed from different sites but still nothing. My device is Huawei g7 . I just want of my lucky patcher to work. But for now…….

  16. Not working in Karonn Mach Five( lollipop ) installing amazing spider man apk but in my friends tab it had install ( KitKat )

  17. huawei g7 rooting were not as simple as installing kingroot… afaik there also bootloader unlocking step…it’s very advanced and highly not recommended for beginner… I suggest you to get it done by an expert…

  18. My phone is not reseting and my phone recovery is not appear.i trying to install any apps it says application not installed.so please send me a solution.

  19. I tried to install system apps from my old Android, using ES File Explorer, but when I install it it shows it is not installed. Maybe the app wants to install somewhere this phone can’t find?

  20. Am using using HTC Butterfly 2 Iam having same problem wit my phone it suddenly stop installing apps i can’t find application permission or reset app reference have try d factory reset but it not working plssssssss help me i get no app on my fone anymore
    android app not installed

  21. Because of android os marsmallow that why canot play mc4 like more complict in games 🙁

  22. Please I’ve been trying to download my snapchat on my HTC desire 626 but it has been showing “app not installed”. I’ve tried what you’ve said but it doesn’t work. Please someone help me.

  23. As for galaxy j7 2015 still the same what ever you try to do..especially for asphalt 8 mod apk samsung suck at this bullshit…

  24. Hello, Lola. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you found MobilityArena useful.

    You should considering signing up and logging in daily to share and interact with other members on our Wall.

  25. Darn, Didn’t work for Kingroot I have no idea why, It rooted my phone previously but I had to get rid of it due to my phone having an update and I deleted every file on my device with the same name/creator and reset my preferences but still didn’t let me install it. Very good article though years later.

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