Apart from apps, there is nothing great about Android

Two of our three judges had sent in their picks for the Mobilista Challenge competition, and I had read through their choices. I decided to do a quick scan of Twitter. There, I ran into a tweet that read:

Sold my #N9 and got a S2. Regret it now. Apart from apps, there’s nothing great about Android.

I hit the brakes and screeched to a halt so fast that burning rubber and smoke was everywhere.

Why did that tweet get my attention? Perhaps because it put into words the very way I feel about certain things. Yes.

First, don’t come here telling me that I hate Android o. I will promptly delete such a comment 🙂 Oh; go ahead and post; you know I won’t. But where was I?

Yes; how I feel.

Its Not Always About The Most Apps. I’m sorry, but that’s just the truth. Contrary to the most vocal opinions, it is not always about apps.

The same is true about other features.

It is not always about the camera. It is not always about the processor. It is not always about refinement. It is not always about openness.

Belle has certain benefits. MeeGo has some others, and BlackBerry has its. Of course, Android has its, and one of them is apps. The other is the openness, though that isn’t unique to Android.

For Mister Mo, it is certainly not always about the apps. It is why I can be comfortable using a Belle OS phone, or a MeeGo OS phone, or a BlackBerry OS phone.

I don’t understand it when people say its all about the apps. That’s so simplistic and very hasty generalization, which we know is always wrong.

It is all about personal needs and preferences. There’s no app for that. Duh.

Personally, I kind of agree with that tweet. You see, Android is like a compromise to a lot of things. It does not have the refinement or elegance of MeeGo or iOS. It doesn’t have the apps of the latter. It doesn’t have the simplicity of Windows Phone, or the security or data compression of BlackBerry. It doesn’t have the resources efficiency of Belle.

Let me put it this way: Android is the jack-of-all-trades OS.

Of course, that makes it suited for the mass market. It is the best at compromise. But then, do note: that makes it the master of none. Perhaps the only reason that Android has gained a foothold is that iOS is locked down. Or perhaps Elop’s blundering at Nokia. Or…nevermind.

Yes; I do think that besides the apps, there really is nothing great about Android OS.


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