MobilityTip: How to improve browsing speeds on Airtel Nigeria

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When last did you take out time to check your internet settings? Most times, we may think, “The phone is already browsing. Why tamper with the settings?” But have you thought maybe your internet speed could improve with a little tinkering?

We ran tests to verify this fact. Mr.Mo subscribed for the Airtel N3,500 for 9GB data plan. He tried browsing with it and the speeds were so poor. He did a series of speed test and the results were poor. I picked up the TECNO DroidPad Pro, went to the internet settings and changed the APN from to

See screenshots below:


SpeedTest results from the TECNO DroidPad 7C Pro
  • The first test – 0.50 Mbps
  • The second test – 0.36 Mbps
  • After changing APN – 0.79 Mbps
  • The network faded – 0.37Mbps.

SpeedTest results from the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

We switched the SIM to the Galaxy Note Pro tablet and got the following results:

  • The first test – 0.28Mbps
  • After changing APN – 0.97Mbps
  • A second trial – 1.82Mbps
  • The network faded – 0.41Mbps

From the above results, you would notice that the internet speeds tremendously improved after changing the APN settings. The next thing of note is that the network speeds also improved on another device with a more powerful radio.

In this Airtel case, the default settings that were sent produced limiter browsing speeds. The speeds improved after the settings were updated to a more current APN. Have you checked your APN settings today?


  1. I’ve used airtel for years now and this issue is ‘follow come’. Even on their new sims you’ll still experience this.
    I don’t know why they cannot set the apn automatically and save users the stress of endless calls to customer care, looking for someone to ‘fix’ their phones or even outright dumping of the network

  2. What is the burn rate or data zapping rate on this plan 3500 for 9gb?
    The 1000 for 1gb plan *496# is now normal.

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