One of the strengths of Android is its potential for customisation. One of the things a user is able to play around with is the

App: DeviceInfo Live Wallpaper for Android

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DeviceInfo Live Wallpaper

One of the strengths of Android is its potential for customisation. One of the things a user is able to play around with is the wallpaper. But being able to change wallpapers is one thing. Being able to use Live wallpapers is another. A live wallpaper is actually a special application because it can access functions of the platform such as network access, GPS and more.

Easily the most useful/functional live wallpaper that I have found on Android is the DeviceInfo live wallpaper. This amazing app displays information like:

– time
– date
– processor performance
– RAM usage
– Internal storage usage
– SD card storage usage
– Battery level
– Temperature
– tilt
– compass

This live wallpaper simply transforms the desktop of your Android smartphone into a dashboard of easy to access information. Actually, it makes the desktop of my Phantom A look like something out of Star Trek. Geeks will love this. It also has lots of useful information for non-geeks too, and some might just fall in love with it.

DeviceInfo Live Wallpaper is free from PlayStore.


  1. Interesting.

    Infinite customization possibilities make the world of Android (and smartphone) go round.

    Freedom power to the people!

  2. Wonder how much impact (live) wallpapers have on battery life, on android.

    This Sony battery life is so uninspiring that I don’t even use static wallpapers, not to talk of live ones.

    A good one for those without battery worries..

  3. To be certain, the App is really good but its not the best out there to get full article written on it. Am a social media analyst who has on several times visited the app store in search for those great app down there that have let down by there promoters.

    Live wallpaper is great as it allows animated or interactive scenes to play behind the main home screen, giving the smartphone a more customized look. Unfortunately, many Live Wallpaper apps have a few diverse effects but they mainly cause significant slowdown of the operating system and a drain on the phone’s battery power. Usually live wall paper takes up about 2% to 5% percent of the phones battery that’s about 24 minutes to 45 minutes loss.Live Wallpaper apps that use the phone’s camera, motion sensor or an active Internet connection will affect battery performance and speed with noticeable results on almost any current phone. Further more running a complex or poorly coded Live Wallpaper app in the background can slow down the phone’s processor and fill up video memory, resulting in sluggish phone performance, unless you are using a more advanced phone with a large sustainability.

    AM only saying that you should think twice when getting this type of wallpaper. Why not choose new but fan social media apps and have a better interaction with your mobile pone that have adverse effects on your gadget. I would consider apps like Wechat which is going viral in Asia and Vibz which is going viral in Africa.

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