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Apple To Design Antennas For New Model 5G iPhones In 2020

Apple have decided to design the antenna for the new model of iPhones which are expected to be released later this year. This is coming as a bit of a surprise, as we recall that Apple have experienced certain difficulties surrounding antenna design in previous times. However, with Apple very likely to design their own antennas, this is one event we would be keenly interested in.

According to certain reports, Qualcomm, which provided the 5G modem chipsets for the Samsung Galaxy S20 was meant to provide the QTM 525 millimeter-wave antenna module to Apple. Apple however turned down this offer, citing a perceived lack of compatibility with the design of the new iPhones.

Apple iPhone 11 pro

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro

With the 2020 iPhone models set to be the first set of Apple iPhones with 5G technology, it is expected that Apple would leave no stone unturned in ensuring they provide a near-perfect phone for iPhone lovers. This would mean that there is little room for error, with a number of rivals like Samsung already releasing 5G phones to fairly good reviews in the market.

With Apple looking for ways to optimize costs while also ensuring that they produce a device with a sleek design for users, it will be interesting to see how they eventually get around this challenge with barely 8 months to the expected release date of the new model iPhones.




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