Apple’s New 5G Smartphone May Suffer Delay Due To Coronavirus Outbreak

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With a number of smartphone makers releasing 5G smartphones this year, Apple expectedly followed suit and made announcements regarding the release of a 5G smartphone early this year.


However, a number of reports indicate that Apple’s eagerly anticipated device may be delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. This comes as no surprise, as a number of important events like the MWC 2020 already suffered a similar fate last month.

Apple iPhone 11 pro

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The 5G smartphone, which was expected to be released in the fall could be delayed for up to a month owing to the COVID-19 outbreak. Analysts also believe that the Apple iPhone SE2 could also suffer a delay, with reports citing weaker demand for the smartphones and a number of supply chain issues.

The COVID-19 virus made a number of partners like Foxconn and Wistron temporarily close down their assembly lines to make sure workers don’t get infected.

A number of weeks back, Apple announced that it will not achieve its revenue goals for the March quarter, due largely to the effect of the coronavirus in China. Apple’s stocks have also suffered from the effects of the virus in the last few weeks, with the stocks falling by13% since February 12.

With the COVID-19 virus still on the loose, Apple will seek to ensure that they arrest a decline in the value of their shares, and also attempt to ensure that they do not suffer more delays in the release of their 2020 phones.




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