Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5, to what appears to be a general reaction of mild disappointment from many fans. From the MOBILITY BBM Group

Are you buying the Samsung Galaxy S5?

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Samsung Galaxy S5 rear

Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5, to what appears to be a general reaction of mild disappointment from many fans. From the MOBILITY BBM Group to blogs to analyst houses, the general consensus seems to be that the S5 is a small incremental update over the S4. Nick Dillon, senior analyst at Ovum puts it this way:

“Samsung is betting big on wellness, fingerprint reading and camera autofocus, while keeping a very similar look and feel for its hardware and software. The updates are so minor that on first glance most consumers would be hard pressed to notice that it has changed from the previous version.”

I have no problem with the similar look and feel. Generations of BlackBerrys, iPhones, Lumias and Xperias have had similar look and feel along each brand line. I am all for maintaining visual brand identity. Why change a winning formula?

I really do like that it is Water resistant (up to 1 meter and 30 minutes), and dust resistant too. More phones should be like that. Why should I be afraid to use my phone in the rain? I will also love to take that 16 megapixel camera for a spin. The cameras on Samsung’s flagships have been quite good, and one can hope that the S5 follows the tradition. Perhaps people are just disappointed that the S5 didn’t measure up to the rumour mill.

Will the Galaxy S5 sell? JAMB question. It very well will, and in droves too. The question I am putting to you is, “Will you upgrade or buy one?” Tell us!

  1. Buying one, fresh, is one thing.

    But upgrading if you already own an S4? Na.

    That would be like dumping PDP for APC! Is there that much difference?

  2. No, I won’t be buying one, not because it doesn’t look good to me, but I have moved on to phablets. I think I’ll wait for galaxy Note 4. Most likely all the features in SGS5,and more will be implemented in it. I like big screens.

  3. used to be a Samsung fan boy but I’m slowly and irreversibly sliding away, had the GS II & III, a Tab 2 7.0 as well as the Note II. balked at getting the GS IV cos it wasn’t so much of an upgrade on my GS III, waited for the GS V launch to see if Samsung could woo me again but sadly they haven’t. my next phone will probably be the SONY Xperia Z2 or the LG G2 Pro. also ditching my Tab for LG’s G Pad 8.3

  4. Galaxy S5? No. i will rather pick the sony Z2 or the LG G2 at a cheaper price.
    The Note 3 IMO is the true Samsung flagship for now for whoever wants it big.

  5. I will be getting the s5, but not for me, for madam. I use the note series. Once you go the note way, there is no turning back.

    Also, I like the z2, but several reasons will hinder it from selling in this part of the world. Xperia devices are ridiculously priced here with no support. I am sure Samsung will offer same hardware warranty for the s5 like they did for the S4./Note3. That’s one offer you can’t beat here. Your screen gets broken and Samsung changes the entire phone for you for free!

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