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Assurance Wireless Reviews: What are customers saying about the service?

Assurance Wireless is known as a federal lifeline cell service provider and they offer eligible customers free data and phones. Assurance Wireless users do not receive a bill, are not required to sign a contract, and do not pay activation fees or recurring fees. Assurance Wireless is one of the largest providers of free mobile phones. 


In this article, we highlight Assurance Wireless reviews from multiple sources to give you an idea of what to expect from this service provider.

Assurance Wireless phone reviews

Assurance Wireless phone reviews on Trustpilot website

I found a lot of reviews on the Trustpilot site and almost 90% of the reviews were bad reviews. Let’s start with the good reviews, there weren’t a lot of good reviews but some customers wrote about how happy they were with the privileges and features given to customers by the company. A few customers  spoke about the company’s customer service and seemed satisfied with the politeness and professionalism of customer service agents. Some customers mentioned the company’s great cell coverage service.  Here’s one of the reviews:

•I am very happy with my phone and very thankful. Yeah it might not be my old S9 plus but I can call, text, watch YouTube, listen to Pandora, unlimited talk, text, data and 10gb of hot spot. Only downside is the battery doesn’t last the longest but I think I can live with that. Customer service was great with helping me get my phone up and running also. One more thing, I live in the middle of nowhere and have good service.


Now onto the bad reviews, some customers complained that their data kept disappearing and they tried to solve the issue but customer service didn’t do anything about their complaints. A lot of customers claimed the company lied about giving eligible customers fre phones. Some claimed they have been waiting for 3-6 months for said free phone but it never came even though they were assured they would receive a free phone. The customers who received the free phone complained that some of the phones were faulty. Some customers also complained that their own phones were not compatible with Assurance wireless service, you have to get a phone from the company to be able to use their services. Here’s one:

•If I could give assurance wireless negative Stars I would but unfortunately you have to give one assurance wireless is by far the worst place to get any kind of customer service . They do not care what they have to say for a good review they will lie and tell you that they are sending a phone and it will be on the way and all you have to do is leave a review and it will give you the phone quicker this has happened to me three times I have spent the last two three weeks trying to work on getting my services back after trying to stay with this company for 3 years this is how I’m repaid.


Almost in tears at how frustrated I was I turned to here to write a review and to tell others what I’ve gone through that way they will not have to go threw it themselves. Unfortunately more will not be done they will continue on scamming customers who are in desperate need they should be shut down and it’s a shame that companies like this scammers like this exist.

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Assurance Wireless reviews on Sitejabber website

I found some reviews on Assurance wireless phone services and on this site there were hardly any good reviews in site. The very few I found  were happy with their free phones and the fast delivery of the phones. Here’s a few reviews: 


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•It was so fast and easy The application is so short and the staff are so very helpful Before you know it you have a phone! It was an all around pleasurable experience.

•I was very pleased with the quality of the phone brand new phone. Assurance wireless is way better then Q link wireless. I am very pleased with my phone keep up the good work assurance wireless.

Now onto the bad reviews, there were a lot of complaints about the late deliveries of phones or no delivery at all. There were also some complaints about being given misleading information and unfulfilled promises from the company and their employees. There were some mentions about the phones being faulty or not working. Some customers wrote about how some of the company’s staff don’t speak English and were not able to communicate properly and solve their issues. There also complaints about dropped calls, network issues, low quality services and the company’s phones not allowing customers to use the wifi calling feature. Here’s a few reviews:

•Just going to list the issues. 1. Takes like 5 tries before it connects to a network to use your phone. 2. Drops calls regularly. 3. incompatible with most cell phones, you have to use their crappy devices. Sends messages that crash your phone if sim is used in an unlocked cell phone that isn’t theirs. 4. Missed calls. 5. Missed text messages. 6 only gives you 350 minutes a moth that roll over and neither does your data. Just the worst lifeline company and service you can get. If I could give no stars I would.

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•I have been waiting for my phone for TWO MONTHS. Their “alleged” customer service agents can’t do much other than read a script and have little problem solving authority and, of course, there never is a supervisor available. I have been given 3 or 4 promises of “expedited delivery” and have been told my problem would be “escalated”. But, of course, nobody ever calls, writes or texts AND my phone has not arrived and they can’t provide a tracking number for the shipment. TWO MONTHS, 8 calls. Useless.


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Last Words

 After reading through a lot of the reviews, its obvious that Assurance Wireless has a lot of work and improvements to make because the feedback from their customers are not flattering at all. 

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1 thought on “Assurance Wireless Reviews: What are customers saying about the service?”

  1. It took awhile to get my first phone, then half way through the original set up, it shut down, to never ever light up again.

    Took to weeks for them to send me a new one and it shuts off, here, there, when ever it felt like it. I have an 84-year old mother who depends on me to fix things and help her. She lives out in the country, tries to call me for help. I’m sitting at home doing nothing, not worrying about a thing because, my phone WON’T ring! It’s off! On its own.

    Some times once a day, some times several times a day. I get their robot on the phone, and when you do get a real person, they have no idea what their saying, and the caller definitely can’t understand them! It’s been months and they’ve done nothing. Lots of other companies out there, I’m moving on.

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