Google Fi Phone Reviews: What is the customer service like?

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Google Fi is an MVNO telecommunications service by Google that provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband using cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Google Fi uses networks operated by T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular. Google Fi services is majorly  accessed by US residents but is an international functioning company. Google Fi has added support for phones, which also includes partial support for iPhones.

Google Fi phone reviews on Bestbuy website

I found a lot of good reviews on the Bestbuy website, customers seemed very happy with the fast shipping provided for them. Some wrote about how they ordered and received their package the next day. Google Fi gives out free sims to customers according to some reviews. A lot of customers were satisfied with the company’s excellent coverage, easy set up and activation of SIMs and phones.

Google Fi phone reviews

A lot of the reviews also wrote about the good rates that the company offers for international travel stating that the costs are no different no matter where you are. I would also like to point out that 90% of the good reviews are from 2-4 years ago. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•Wow, the shipment arrived on time

I recommend it, it’s easy to activate

•Loved the ability to purchase Google Fi sim cards without having to wait for it in the mail. This also provided a $10 service credit. 

No contracts – you are in full control of your bill with the Fi app which allows you to set limits on data and easily pay your bill with no surprises. You know what your bill would be at its most expensive if you go overboard. Or just pay for unlimited and don’t worry about a thing!

•I am going on an international trip and wanted to use Google Fi for my service instead of AT&T. I picked up the SIM from Best Buy since Google would reimburse me the $10 price of the SIM, which they did on my bill within 3 days. The only difference was paying the tax for the SIM, so I am out 62 cents. Well worth it to get the SIM and get up and running quickly. I had to order data-only SIMs directly from Google and those took a week to come. So we are good for data on our international trip!

Now onto the bad reviews, there were two or three complaints about Google Fi being quite costly. There were issues customers pointed out like issues with retrieving text, network issues and multiple messages. Some customers had some issues with the company’s support system  and iphone users were upset that Google Fi is not really compatible with iphones. Here’s a few: 

•I gave up on Google Fi because of their constant issues retrieving text and multimedia messages. Their support is useless. I switched to a different provider, more reliable.

•Worked in iPhone for 1 day, followed all the official setup steps. But after 1 days it game me a ‘no sim’ error. Chatted with Fi help and they said I needed a new SIM. 

Put same sim in an Android and it worked right away… To check the iPhone, to make sure that wasn’t the issue; I put a standard TMobile and VZW sim in and they worked fine. 

Would still recommend for travel international. (just use an Android phone)

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Google Fi phone reviews on Trustpilot website

 On the Trustpilot website, there were hardly any good reviews on the site. The site had a star review rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars. There were only 3 good reviews on the site and the first one praised the customer service agent who attended to him/her and the other two praised the company’s service and great local coverage. Here are the reviews:

•Absolutely the best phone service in every way that I have ever had, also a shout out to Karen who was a great help on the chat at their site.Thanks Google Fi, Ill be a customer for life.

•Yes!!!! I love this service for my side business.

•I love Google Fi. I signed up and have had service for about 3 years. It provides great local coverage thanks to the fact that it combines 3 service providers into one service. Plus we travel a lot and it works in a ton of countries at no extra cost. I have convinced a ton of people to switch.

Now onto the bad reviews. There were major complaints about customer service. Some customers claimed that some reps tell and promise them things that are not promoted or on the website and this leads to overbilling and a lot of other issues. Some customers also complained of slow data, spam calls and no phone connectivity. A customer lamented on how he could not use Google Fi outside of the US but Google Fi is promoted as an international functioning product. Here are a few reviews: 

•I marked one because there is no lower than that.

I cancelled Google Fi on 2/19/2022 because there is no connectivity of the phone service around here( I cannot imagine any phone carrier sells the product where there is no phone connectivity in the beginning. But I have been charged for 2nd and 3rd bill after the cancellation of service. “The issue was escalated and specialist will reach you in 24 to 48 hours or will send you email”. That was what I have received for the past 2 weeks whenever I contacted Google Fi to resolve the issue. Finally I could not wait anymore. I spent 7 hours on the phone to talk with 10 representatives(total 8 representatives – Stephanie, David, Zenhis, Maria, Brian, Mark, Kennedy and Paul, Maria and Brian are connected twice) from Google Fi. The issue still has not resolved. I am waiting again for someone from Google Fi call me back in 24 hours. What a waste of time and energy….No Google Fi forever.

•My experience is very similar to the other 94% who gave GoogleFi a 1 star review. I wish I had read these reviews before leaving Verizon. Customer service reps tell you things that are NOT on their website that if you have the unlimited plan and are outside the country for more than 2 months that your”unlimited”international texting and data shut down???? I asked where does it say that on the website and then the rep back tracked and then said I should be ok for 4 months which I have my doubts having read some of these other reviews. My Pixel 5a new phone crapped out after 2 weeks the day before I was leaving the U.S. and the support “promised” me a new phone not a refurbished one given the short period that I had the new phone. Guess what they sent me a refurbished one when I contacted support and escalated it to a supervisor about what I was promised I was promised a call back by a supervisor instead I got a email saying basically touch your toes sucker your not getting a new phone. You would think because it’s Google it would be a good service??? Think again!!!!!

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Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, I have to say that this one is a tough cookie. On one site, most of the reviews are good and on the other they are bad. Google Fi does have a long way to go from some of the feedback given by their customers. 

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