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Ting Cell Phone Service Reviews: Good or bad?

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Ting Cell Phone Service review
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Ting Wireless launched in 2012 and it has grown so much throughout the years. Ting cell phone service offers pay-as-you-go, month by month rate service with no contract or start-up fees, prepaid plans, or strings attached. Ting also extends some of these offers to businesses, Customers also get to  choose between its CDMA and GSM networks based on the best network coverage in their area.

Ting is a US-based Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). In simple English, they resell the services of one or more major carriers. What network does Ting Cell Phone Service use? The company resells services from both T-Mobile (GSM) and Verizon (CDMA).

Ting Cell Phone Service

Ting Cell Phone Service Reviews on Best Company Website

The Best Company site had an overall star review rating of 3.6 out of five stars. Let’s begin with the good reviews, a lot of customers gushed over the affordable prices and flexible data plans from Ting Cell Phone Service. Customers were also happy with the Company’s customer agents. Some described the customer service as ‘ extremely polite and knowledgeable’, ‘efficient’. I would like to mention that a lot of the good reviews are from years back. Here’s some of reviews:

•Ting is fantastic for anyone who talks, texts and occasionally uses some data. Even better for multiple lines for people like that. Their pricing is the simplest I’ve ever seen, and usage across all lines goes into common bins. Customer service is located in the midwest and has always been prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable . Been a customer for four years, four lines, a bunch of phone switches and never a bad experience. Runs on Sprint and Tmobile, so check their coverage for an idea of how well it will work for you.

•I really like their flexible plans you can set up from online. They also will text me to let me know if I have gone over any of my limits, and then just charge me for the next bracket up. They give coverage through Sprints network. It works great in the Mountain West, but I don’t get any coverage in Alaska.

Now onto the bad reviews, some customers complained about frequent dropped calls and the broadcast service reach being low. There were also complaints about the coverage in some areas and their services being poor. A customer wrote about how he/she bought an iPhone 11 from Ting but he never received the package and when he called, the customer service agents kept giving excuses and did not properly investigate the matter. There were also a few complaints about some call forwarding issues, poor signal and delayed text message.  Here’s a review:

•I financed an iPhone 11 through Ting using  Affirm and the package never arrived. It was supposed to come through Fedex and I’m guessing it was stolen. $750 value and ting nor fedex did a good job at investigating the situation. I received mixed answers that the package was signed for (fake signature) and that it was left at the front door with a door tag. I would not recommend this company to ANYONE.

•Awful coverage. Don’t even waste your time. I’ve had Ting for 6 months. Things were fine until the last two months when I could not send pictures via mms. Now I’m trying to Port out my number and ting is saying I can’t because they are having technical errors. So even though I want a new service I’m still stuck with them until they fix the issue! Very very aggravated. Have had lots of “technical issues” with them.


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Ting Cell Phone Service reviews on Trustpilot website

The Trustpilot site had an overall star review rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. A lot of customers praised Ting’s good coverage and their good services. A lot of customers were also happy about how affordable Ting is and claimed that Ting came through with their promotions.  Their customer service was also a major topic in the reviews. A lot of customers described their customer service as friendly and courteous. A customer also spoke about the Company’s phone selection and how fairly priced they are. Here are a few of the reviews:

•I have been a Ting customer for more than seven years and I have no complaints so far. The pricing is excellent, customer service is friendly and courteous and the phone selection is good and fairly priced. Perhaps a bit more coverage on some areas while I travel but at home works as expected.

•I have had Ting service for almost 4 years now. The service is reliable and I never have any trouble with it. But the best thing about Ting is the customer service. Ting’s customer service workers have been some of the most patient, most helpful people. I never have to wait on hold long to speak to someone and my issue is always resolved.

Moving onto the bad reviews, there were a lot of complaints about poor service and poor signals. Some customers weren’t too happy because they couldn’t hear people’s voices on calls and some billing issues . Customers also complained about voicemail, some of them could not connect to voicemail and their WI-FI takes time to activate. A customer also complained that the SIM card he bought from Ting didn’t work on his daughter’s phone. Here’s some of the reviews. 

•My phone only works for scammers and telemarketers. Whenever family members call me, they can’t connect. When I try to call them, I can’t connect either. It doesn’t matter what state they’re in. I have a signal, I have wifi calling, and I’ve tried all of the normal fixes. I’ve had this same problem in the past while I was on call for work and missed calls. I hate paying for services that mostly benefit people trying to rip me off.

•Their SIM Card never worked right in my daughter’s phone despite several attempts to resolve the issue. I cancelled the service, and confirmed with them I wouldn’t be billed further, but they continued billing me after the service was cancelled, and refused to refund the difference.For the record,it was YOUR customer service that refused to refund me, and it was YOUR customer service that insisted the phone was compatible.


Ting Cell Phone Service reviews

Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, it seems like Ting Cell Phone Service has potential and would be so much better if they fixed a few issues and made some improvements.

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