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Discover the Top Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in the United States

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Any cellular carrier that uses a network that it does not own to serve its clients is known as a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO. A mobile network operator (MNO) is a traditional carrier that owns its own infrastructure and network. Mobile virtual network operators rely on an MNO to supply and maintain the network for its consumers. An MVNO uses the equipment and infrastructure of a regular carrier to deliver service to its subscribers. You can think of a mobile virtual network operator or MVNO as a reseller of wireless network services.

In the US, there are just three significant MNOs: Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Although you may find a few smaller, locally focused MNOs, such as US Cellular, the majority of wireless service providers in the USA are MVNOs – over one hundred of them. That is a lot of mobile virtual network operators. In this guide, we’ll provide a list of some of the best mobile virtual network operators in the United States, as well as their best features that you can benefit from.

United States Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

What Options are the Best Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) in the US?

There isn’t a single MVNO choice that is suitable for everyone. MVNOs typically offer plans to suit a variety of demands and budgets, and they can also provide specialty services to target specific markets. So, the best option for you will rely on your unique needs and whether or not those needs fall into a niche market.

Nonetheless, below are some of the best mobile virtual network operators currently available in the US, so you can look through their features and identify which one works best for you.

1. Airvoice Wireless

Founded in 1999, Airvoice Wireless is among the top options on the list of United States MVNOs. Its plan starts at $18 per month and among its best features, it offers Pay-as-you-go options and includes international texting.

However, this MVNO service does not sell phones, and the majority of its plans have hard data caps and do not offer limitless 2G slow data. Moreover, their website misleads users because only half of the data displayed for the majority of plans are at high speed, while the other half is at slow speed.

2. Allvoi Wireless

Another option on the list of United States MVNOs is Allvoi Wireless. It starts at $15 per month and offers greater autopay reductions than usual and all plans come with international calling. Moreover, its custom-built designs are offered with pay-by-the-minute options.

The phone selection, however, is constrained to mainly mid-range to high-end models. Moreover, its costs are typically 20% greater when autopay is not activated.

3. AT&T Postpaid

AT&T Postpaid is another great option on the list of United States MVNOs, a rather popular choice with 95.2 million subscribers. With AT&T Postpaid, there are several phone options available for various budgets, as well as excellent family plan possibilities. Also, there are numerous options for customer support, as well as multi-month discount programs.

On the other hand, low-usage clients cannot really find any affordable monthly phone plans since it starts at $50 per month, much more than other options.  Also, purchasing the annual plan is necessary for single-line users to get the best value.

4. AT&T Prepaid

This is another choice on our list of mobile virtual network operators in the United States, and it offers competitively priced really unlimited data plans as well as reasonable-cost phone options. There are also extensive customer support choices and multi-month discount programs available, just like the postpaid alternative. Unlike the postpaid alternative, it starts at $25 per month, a considerably cheaper option.

However, there aren’t any genuine low-cost monthly phone plans available for clients who choose this choice. Also, buying its annual plan is necessary to get the best deal for single-line consumers without unlimited data.

5. Black Wireless

You may also find Black Wireless to be a suitable option so it’s on our list of United States MVNOs. Pay-as-you-go options and discounts for multi-month service payments are both available. This mobile virtual network operator also serves users with modest usage that are concerned with costs. All plans include international calling and texting, with prices starting at $20 per month.

It does not, however, offer phones, and there are no plans available for heavy data users.

List of all United States Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs)

  1. 7-Eleven Speak-out
  2. Affinity Mobile
  3. Air Voice Wireless
  4. Allvoi Wireless
  5. Altice Mobile
  6. Armed Forces Wireless / My AF Mobile
  7. Assist Wireless
  8. Assurance Wireless
  9. Beast Mobile
  10. Best Cellular
  11. Black Wireless
  12. Boom Mobile
  13. Boost Mobile
  14. Boss Revolution Mobile
  15. CellNUVO
  16. Cellular Abroad
  17. Charity Mobile
  18. Chit Chat Mobile
  19. Community Phone
  20. Consumer Cellular
  21. CREDO Mobile
  22. Cricket Wireless
  23. DataXoom
  24. easyGO
  25. Eco Mobile
  26. EXTREMEConnect .me
  27. enTouch Wireless
  28. Flash Wireless
  29. FreedomPop
  30. FreeUp Mobile
  31. Gen Mobile
  32. Global Data Telecom
  33. Good2Go Mobile
  34. Google Fi
  35. GoSmart Mobile
  36. GreatCall
  37. H2O Wireless
  38. Helium Mobile
  39. Hello Mobile
  40. i3 Mobile
  41. Ideal Mobile
  42. Jethro Mobile
  43. Jolt Mobile
  44. Kajeet
  45. Karma
  46. KidsConnect
  47. Kroger Wireless
  48. Kynect
  49. Lexvor
  50. Liberty Wireless
  51. Life Wireless
  52. Lycamobile
  53. Madstar Mobile
  54. Mango Mobile
  55. Metro by T-Mobile (formerly Metro PCS)
  56. MetTel Mobile
  57. Mint Mobile
  58. MobileX
  59. Mobal
  60. NET10 wireless
  61. netTALK Connect
  62. Onstar
  63. Optimum Mobile
  64. OTG Mobile
  65. Page Plus Cellular
  66. Patriot Mobile
  67. Pix Wireless
  68. Pond Mobile
  69. Project Fi
  70. Proven Services
  71. Pulse Cellular
  72. Puppy Wireless
  73. Pure Talk USA
  74. Q Link Wireless
  75. Reach Mobile
  76. Ready Mobile
  77. Red Pocket Mobile
  78. Republic Wireless
  79. Safelink
  80. SafetyNet Wireless
  81. Scratch Wireless
  82. Seawolf Wireless
  83. Secure Phone
  84. Selectel Wireless
  85. Simple Mobile
  86. Spectrum Mobile
  87. Speedtalk Mobile
  88. StandUp Wireless
  89. Straight Talk
  90. Tag Mobile
  91. Telcel America
  92. Tello Mobile
  93. Telkit
  94. Tempo Telecom
  95. TerraCom Wireless
  96. Tesix Wireless
  97. TextNow
  98. Ting Mobile
  99. Total Wireless
  100. Tracfone Wireless
  101. Truphone / TruConnect
  102. Twigby
  103. Ultra Mobile
  104. Unreal Mobile
  105. US Mobile
  106. Venn Mobile
  107. Virgin Mobile USA
  108. Visible
  109. Walmart Family Mobile
  110. Wing
  111. Wow!
  112. Xfinity Mobile
  113. Yodole Mobile
  114. Zing Mobile

Last words on mobile virtual network operators in the U.S.

As the MVNO landscape continues to evolve, the top players have demonstrated their ability to adapt to changing consumer demands, providing reliable, affordable, and innovative mobile services. Whether it is affordability, flexible plans, extensive coverage, or unique features, many MVNOs have successfully carved out their niches, providing alternatives to traditional carrier options. Ultimately, their success lies in their ability to deliver quality service, exceptional value, and customer satisfaction, ensuring a bright future for the top mobile virtual network operator s in the United States.

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