MetroPCS Phone Service reviews

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MetroPCS is a prepaid wireless service that offers no-contract cell phones. MetroPCS is the sixth largest telecommunications network in the United States and offers customers up-to-date CDMA technology and services including nationwide calls, text, and data through T-Mobile’s networks. MetroPCS plan pricing ranges anywhere between $30-$60. MetroPCS offers four simple, straightforward 4G LTE data plans for customers.

MetroPCS Phone Service reviews

MetroPCS phone service reviews on Trustpilot

The Trustpilot site had an overall star review rating of 1.6 stars out of 5 stars. There were not a lot of good reviews on this site but let’s go through the ones I found. Most of the good reviews were mostly about customers’ experience with some customer service agents. Some mentioned names and sang their praises calling them friendly, helpful and professional. Some customers also spoke about the company’s good phone signal which rarely had lags and their good billing system. Here’s some of the good reviews:

•I walked into the MetroPCS store in Leavenworth Kansas, upset about my phone and walked out a very very satisfied customer. The team there, Jacklyn, Nancy & Caleb are absolutely wonderful and professional. I’d recommend them and that store to anyone. Thank you again. Veronica Thomas 

•My go to location is Milford, OH. Each time I have visited the store, I’ve had the opportunity to be served by a gentleman named Mike. He has always taken the time to assist with services, products and tech support. Never had become impatient with my many questions. It’s nice to be greeted by someone like Mike, who was welcoming and willing to help. No matter how much time it took. Thank you for being there and for your great service.

Now on to the bad reviews, there were some complaints about language barriers in customer service. Not all the agents speak english which has caused some misunderstanding and issues for customers. A few customers also said customer service is poor and unreliable.  Some customers also mentioned that they had dropped calls, poor signal, poor internet service and payment issues. A few customers seemed to have problems with sending and receiving their text messages and also troubleshooting and network connection problems. A few customers also mentioned that some of the phones they purchased were defective and had some issues. Here’s some of the reviews:

•Horrible Customer Service. They employ people who aren’t trained and are unable to even help with processing payments. Took me two days of trying to pay my bill through their App. When that didn’t work I called customer service. And that was unacceptable, they haven’t a clue. Finally after many calls, no supervisor available…I was told they were merging systems and that’s why my payment wasn’t going through Could’ve saved me the Hassel & just told me.

•This is the absolute worst most unreliable service I have ever used and as soon as my month is up am out of here I cannot believe the unreliability especially in today’s times there is flat out no excuse for such a crappy service my calls and internet constantly drop on a regular basis and it’s every single day something goes wrong it’s pathetic I’m over it stay away if I was you.

•My 5G phone began having network connection problems after 2 months. After calling 611 for troubleshooting help 6 times and talking to reps in another country, I’m still stuck with a bad phone that doesn’t make calls half of the time. They sure like to apologize a lot though and pretend they’re empathetic. Saying that their service is useless is an understatement.

MetroPCS phone service reviews

MetroPCS phone service reviews on ConsumerAffairs website

The ConsumerAffairs website had an overall star review rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 stars. A lot of the good reviews were mostly about customers’ experience with some customer service agents. Some mentioned names and sang their praises calling them helpful and professional. Some customers also mentioned how great, easy to use and durable their products are. Customers are happy with the great deals, promos and excellent wireless coverage MetroPCS provides. Here’s a few reviews:

•I went to Metro PCS at plaza Mexico 3200 mulford ave lynwood ca 90262 employee id was **. I was very satisfied with her professional demeanor. She was very friendly and very helpful. Very good customer service. I will gladly return to that store anytime and I will highly recommend that location.

•Metro is a good mobile phone company. I have had less problems with them compared to other mobile phone plans. A little expensive but worth it. Their products are great, durable, and easy to use. You get instructions in your phone box. They have their own website for bill paying, music and even one to let you know about all the great deals and promos.

•I went into my MetroPCS in New Britain CT to look into a new phone because mine was 2 years old and on its last leg. When I went in I was greeted by a young woman and then her trainer. Their names were Marilee and Kimberly. The young woman in training was the first to get me and show me all of my options for a new phone. I didn’t even realize she was in training because she greeted me with a professional manner, which really impressed me. Once had my phone and extras picked out that is when the trainer came into the picture and went thru everything with both of us again in s very professional manner.

Now on to the bad reviews, there were a lot of complaints about MetroPCS charging extra money you don’t owe them or charging more than they should. A lot of customers were very angry and some claimed they reported the company. Some customers complained about dropped calls, poor cell reception and poor quality phones. Some customers also complained that some of the customer service agents don’t speak English and a few of them were rude and unprofessional. There were also a few customers who mentioned that the phones they purchased were not properly working and they had missing calls and major payment problems. Here’s a few of the bad reviews:

•I have a big problem with MetroPCS, keep getting dropped calls on my Wi-Fi, I’ve called MetroPCS about the program a half dozen times, they haven’t done anything to help me, they said they were going to switch cell towers, they told me tech support was supposed to email me, they never did, they say I’m sorry a lot, but they don’t do anything to fix the problem, I still have a problem with dropped calls, this has been going on for over 6 months, and they haven’t done nothing to solve the problem, I used to think that MetroPCS was a decent company, I’ve been with them for 3 years, but now I’m on the verge of changing my mind, as well as maybe looking for a new cell phone carrier.

•No disrespect by far but there’s no English speaking person ever when I call, they hang up in your face no matter how nice you are if you request a sup. If they don’t hang up they’ll keep you on hold with horrible music until you hang up. It’s a mess. Even though it’s cheap I’d rather take my 5 phone family plan elsewhere. It’s that bad with Metro PCS and getting worse.

•I made a payment and the money was taken from my account and it’s been 5 days since my phone has been suspended. I spoke to three supervisors and nobody could offer a solution. Each time I wasted one hour with them, the cell reception is horrible, customer service is horrible. The website freezes and payment problems, sometimes you have to log in ten times to finally get it to work, and the prices are very beatable!!

MetroPCS phone service reviews

Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, it seems that MetroPCS has a lot of work to do to satisfy their customers. 

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