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How To Block Text Messages On Your iPhone

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In addition to unwanted phone calls, many iPhone users complain about receiving unwanted text messages. It can be annoying to keep receiving text messages that you don’t want, especially marketing texts or scam texts attempting to get you to visit malevolent websites.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to block texts on your iPhone. So, keep reading to learn how to stop annoying text messages from disturbing your day.

Block Text Messages on Your iPhone

How Can I Block Text Messages on My iPhone?

Spammers’ tricks for sending unwanted messages directly to your iPhone are constantly evolving. Thankfully however, there are several built-in and third-party options for blocking these unwanted text messages on your iPhone. Try one of the following suggestions to block text messages on your iPhone.

Block Saved Contacts Cards

One of the simplest ways to block text messages on your iPhone is to block the contacts you’ve saved on your device. This feature may be useful to you if you’ve recently had a fallout with a family member or friend.

Follow the steps below to block unwanted text messages from your saved contacts:

● Launch the Contacts app.

● Select the person you want to block.

● Click on Block this Caller.

You won’t receive any text messages or calls from the number connected to that contact. There is currently no built-in way to only block text messages while allowing a contact to still call you on your iPhone, or vice versa.

Block Unwanted Numbers

It’s one thing to block a saved contact in your phone, but blocking spam messages from unknown numbers is something else entirely

If you’re receiving these types of messages, you still have the option to prevent the unwanted number from contacting you again.

To block unwanted numbers and thus block texts from them on your iPhone:

● Open the unwanted text message.

● At the top, click the profile icon, then info.

● Select info once more.

● Press Block this Caller

It functions exactly like blocking a saved contact in your phone. Your phone will no longer receive spam calls or messages from such unknown numbers.

Filter Messages From Unknown Senders

It’s all well and good to block phone numbers one at a time until you start getting spam messages daily, multiple times, from various numbers. When this occurs, you can still block all texts from spammers using a feature that is already present on your iPhone.

You only need to filter out messages from unknown senders, and you will never be notified of another scam text again. Here’s how to block texts on your iPhone by filtering messages from unknown senders:

● Navigate to the Settings menu.

● Choose Messages.

● Activate the Filter Unknown Senders toggle.

By doing this, all incoming texts from numbers that aren’t in your contacts will be routed to a different folder. Although you are technically under no obligation to look at this folder, doing so occasionally will help you catch important messages from phone numbers you haven’t added to your contacts.

So, to view your filtered messages, go to Messages > Filters > Unknown Senders.

Install a Call-Blocking App

If you’re dissatisfied with the built-in iPhone options, consider downloading a call-blocking app instead to block texts on your iPhone. These apps serve a single purpose: to block unwanted calls and messages on your iPhone.

Each app will have special features of its own that you can use for purposes other than blocking text messages from reaching your phone. Additionally, you will find tools for caller ID, call filtering, and phone security. Here are a few of the best options:


Truecaller is one of the most widely used apps for blocking text messages and it’s completely free. It contains features that provide more security out of your iPhone. Additionally, the app offers a premium version with app removal, call recording, incognito mode, and the ability to view who has viewed your social media profiles.

Robo Shield

Robo Shield is an iPhone app that does more than just block text messages. It has caller ID, automatic call filtering, number lookup, and automatic number blocking capabilities. You can also configure category-based blocking, which filters messages based on the type of spammer, such as robocalls.


VeroSMS sends none of user SMS data to its servers, and this is one of its best features. Instead, all filtering is performed directly on your iPhone. With the help of the app, you can add various keywords to your filter list to block certain texts on your iPhone. This will prevent your message inbox from clogging up with messages that contain those words.

In conclusion, we hope you find this guide and its tips useful to block unwanted text messages on your iPhone.

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