QLink Wireless Phone Service Reviews

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QLink Wireless has a lifeline program that is a federally funded government program which provides millions of Americans with free wireless service every month. Through this program, QLink Wireless provides free Talk & Text plus Data to eligible Americans. The company offers nationwide coverage to customers on both 5G and 4G LTE networks. QLink Wireless estimates customers can save up to $599 per year in monthly fees when they sign up for the Lifeline plan.

QLink Wireless Phone Service

The Trustpilot site had an overall star review rating of 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. There were a lot of good reviews though a lot of them spoke on the same thing. Some customers wrote about the company’s great service and excellent coverage. They also praised some customer service agents who were kind and  helped them solve some issues.  A lot of customers also mentioned that QLink Wireless is quite affordable and has good plans and good data speed. Here a few of the good reviews:

•I like Qlink Wireless because it helps me to keep in touch with family and Friends. I’m on a fixed income and don’t have the money for fancy phones. And I’m grateful for a plan like this one.

•Been using Q link for 4 years now and have never had any problems or issues …the signal is strong 24/7. The best part Is that I’m in a government program due to covid that pays all of my cell phone bill,so it’s a no brainer. Give them a try.

•I have had nothing but the most professional, respectful, knowledgeable,caring service from Qlink. Hands down, Qlink overall quality has been more up to par.Then any service providers I have had in the past. Thank You! Greggory S. McDonald.

Moving on to the bad reviews, there were some complaints about not being refunded for defective phones which were purchased from the company. Some customers mentioned that they had poor service and their internet is very slow. A lot of customers complained that customer service was hard to reach most of the time and they were always put on hold or never got to speak to an agent at all. Here are some of the bad reviews:

•They would not refund my money and did not send me a free tablet and phone. They did not give me a reason why service was canceled and acted like I had to send the phone back that I never received.

•Got new phone checked it out it did not work told me to send it back I boxed it all up and I guess UPS needs a sticker for it so I have to drive20 miles to get a sticker and send it back the problem is I don’t drive a box of sitting on my table what to do with your junk phone.



QLink Wireless Phone Service

The Best Company website had an overall star review rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. Let’s begin with the good reviews, A lot of customers seemed happy with QLinks’s affordable phone plan and their good cell coverage. Their good service and great signal were praised by customers. The company’s customer service was also praised in some reviews. Here are a few of the good reviews:

•When I switched services Saturday 6th night to my new number monday and sim kit Tuesday at 9:58 (today may 10th} you can even track it and all i had to do was pop the sim in with a compatible phone no fuss no muss. Everything is free and unlimited. everything.

•I’m a very satisfied new customer. The collateral materials you sent really visually guided me through using your product and your customer service reps were very knowledgeable and helpful with this new product which is so far terrific!

•Excellent service with unlimited plan For calls text and data.coverage is also Excellent.

Now, on to the bad reviews, there were a lot of reviews that mentioned that the company promised a free tablet, they called customer service to find out if they were eligible and there were but they never received the free tablets till date. A few customers got the free tablet but a lot of the tablets came defective.

Some customers complained that their tablets or phones which they got from the company freezes and glitches and a few don’t charge well. There were a lot of customers who complained that it’s difficult to contact customer service and sometimes when you are able to reach them, a few of them are rude to customers. Here are some of the reviews:

•I bought a phone from their website. And it did not work. Call and left a message never received a call back. Finally decided to call them and was told it was 14 days and I can’t get a refund. It was a hot pepper edition. When I first open it to charge it, it never turned on. I would not recommend spending your money with them. Find a wireless store and buy one from them. Then insert a sim card. They phones is not worth the headache.

•I ordered a phone over a year ago. I never received anything but a sim card and no phone to insert it in. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. Why do they still have government contact? This is a horrible company!

•Customer service is nonexistent, and I received a faulty sim card. Resulted in months of no phone service, yet they still charged. They don’t care. Before the sim card change, I would have given Qlink 5 stars.


QLink Wireless Phone Service reviews

Last Words

After reading through a lot of reviews on different sites, it seems like QLink Wireless needs to make a lot of improvements to their company to satisfy their customers.

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