ATM Locator App Idea; Aso Ebi too

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My love for apps is an open secret, but I believe I want to tilt more to a vessel for generating app ideas and that is the main message behind today’s write up. You will have to keep with my story teller tendencies though. So last Saturday, I decided to attend a wedding around Egbeda even though I knew the cash on me wasn’t enough. I was convinced that a nearby bank with a working ATM will bail me out. At the time, it sounded like a well thought out plan, so I went along with it. I got out and began taking the respective buses to my desired destination, but the money ran out. Since I was in area that I wasn’t used to, I began to look for bank signs everywhere. I found two but the ATMs refused to dispense cash.



I scanned the area, but couldn’t see any more close by, so I began asking people. That was a fruitless effort, because they gave crappy directions, even if the directions were sound, I was too distraught to actually capture what they were saying let alone let it sink in with understanding. In the end, I wasted 2 hours just to find a working ATM. Trust my thinking capabilities to kick in, I began to think about how easy life would be if I had an ATM locator app. All I would need to do is punch in my exact location and it would reel out the list of working ATMs closest to me. This would mean avoiding the ones that aren’t working. It would also save me loads of time.

That type of app will be a life saver. Although as I sit here thinking about it, it sure sounds like a pretty expensive project. Plus how are we even certain that all the banks in Nigeria will be cooperative enough to see this app through? Well I guess the thinking is mine, so I can sit here all day and imagine what I want. Is there an app like this already out there? I doubt it, but I could be wrong.


I eventually got to the wedding late but in one piece. As if the other guests would notice. While I was enjoying the colour combinations of guests adorned in Aso Ebi ware, I wondered if there was an Aso Ebi app, where one can go through patterns of Ankarah and Aso Oke materials. Perhaps the app can allow users to place orders too. It certainly seems like a thriving business and is your for grabs. All you need to do is get to the end of this article and I won’t demand a cut. If I want to stretch my imagination further, I would suggest creating a tab where app users can actually create a pattern of their own. Is that a wise idea? You never know until you try.

My thinking time is over. Duty calls, so I must go. Come to think of it, today is the first day I actually get to sit at my writing spot in almost two week. I guess that is the reason why the app ideas have been somewhat crippled, but all that is about to change. I think my personal goal for Mobility is for it to become a hub for app ideas. Let’s hope that I can keep up with myself. That will be all folks. Hit me up on twitter. I am still @toperants.


  1. this would be a very useful app..

    Being able to check which ATM are around a particular environment is great.


    All ATMs are now only located in banks.

    would a Google Maps or Nokia Maps not indicate banks … and hence.. ATMs (just asking )?

    /// All I would
    need to do is punch in my
    exact location and it would
    reel out the list of working
    ATMs closest to me. This
    would mean avoiding the
    ones that aren’t working.///

    How would the app know which ATM is working? or, funded, on weekends?

    There was a Monday I had to visit four different ATM to withdraw cash.

    With the cancellation of the N100 charged by banks when non_native ATM cards are used on their equipment , banks seem lukewarm about keeping their ATM machines operational.

    It is also noteworthy that lots of Bank Website have an option spelling out their branches, almost all of which would have ATMs installed.

    Whether those ATMs are working, or funded… is a different issue.

    I understand there are some ATMs that only operate during working hours. the extra cost of keeping battery backup to power them is probably the contention …

  2. @muyo_san thanks for the info but the app only ans one need. Locations of ATM and not which is working or not! That was the real question I needed answered that day

    @Eye_bee_kay all your points are valid. Yes Google map will locate the banks but i doubt it will tell me which is working and I am certain that with a good programmer, indicating the working one is possible. That why I said it will be an expensive app. It will require a lot of infrastructure, that’s for sure.

    Then ATM that only functions during work hours is preposterous and defeats the purpose of getting cash whether or not the bank is opened for operation. But I understand the cost implications with the recent regulations, therefore I suggest the banks charge users for every app download. Hehehehe

  3. There is an app called Nearest Locator. Not just for ATMs but also churches, mosques, hospitals, police stations, pharmacies, events etc. It knows your location and gives you what you need within a certain radius and you can navigate to the location using maps. It’s on Android and BlackBerry

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