Avoiding the menace of fake phones

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‘Dayo and I took a road trip to Zaria in Northern Nigeria over the weekend (articles on the trip coming up) to set things in motion there for a national survey of mobile subscribers that Mobility is conducting.

One of our contacts had a phone that looked convincingly like a Nokia. It has a Nokia design, and a proper Nokia logo on it. Well, yes. That was until I went through the menu. Fake! Another dead giveaway was the battery – it was a plain job with none of the authentic Nokia prints on it.

On asking her about the phone, she told me that it heats up a lot, and battery life and signal quality are really bad. Those are not all of the negatives about such a fake product, of course. But rather than re-write at all out, here’s a great article on the subject: Global Brands advise customers to stay away from fake phones.

  1. My greatest fear about these bargain-basement phones is their possible irradiative ill effects on the users.
    Most people buying a Chinco know what they are buying. It is a conscious decision based on financial exigencies.
    You can always tell them from the unbelievable price.

    China is the home of duplicitous duplications.. Not much can be done unless these Asian governments decide to do something about this. This I consider unlikely..

  2. These stuffs are dangerous.

    As great Ambassadors we should all advise our family and friends to desist from such. Nokia has very cheap phones that one can always buy Abi..

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