Backing Up your data is similar to ‘Insurance’. You do NOT need it UNTIL you REALLY do need it. And by then, it is too

Back-Up-My-Phone – B.U.M.P for Symbian

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Backing Up your data is similar to ‘Insurance’. You do NOT need it UNTIL you REALLY do need it. And by then, it is too late!

There are several application and methods to backup the contents of your mobile device. The one that immediately comes to mind is the popular PC-Suite (if you want to back-up to your PC). You may choose to back-up the contents of your phone to a file on the phone itself, and then bluetooth / transfer it elsewhere for safe-keeping.

Alternatively, you could choose to backup to somewhere in the stratosphere (cloud).

Two of the free on-device CONTACTS backup applications that I have used are:

Contacts Transfer (for Symbian s60V3 and earlier) downloadable from the My-Symbian store (Note that You can use this app with Symbian^1 / S60v5 by making use of of a virtually Keyboard Application called ‘VirtualKeyBoard’)

Contacts BackEXT for s60v3/s60v5) – which you can grab from APNIAPPS

You may want to give them both a spin.


If you prefer the option of backing up to the cloud (with the added option of a more comprehensive and total phone backup, you may want to give B.U.M.P (Back Up My Phone) a try.

The B.U.M.P service makes use of an application you will install on your device to sync your data to a server. It allows you to selectively synchronize all your phone data (not just contacts) – contacts calendar, text messages, e.t.c.

As with any other cloud service (particularly a free one!), it is wise not to rely on a single one. If you wake up, and find that the service has gone up in smokes, who ya gonna sue?

B.U.M.P is by One Dot Limited UK and the service is funded by the in-app adverts. So, adopt the srategy that works best for you, but, backup that data/datum TODAY!


  1. I back up my contacts to gmail using system seven.
    I back up sms with PC suit.
    All other files comes from my Laptop.

    B.U.M.P sound good.

    Back up is very very important, if you aint doing it you wont know how important it is until it is too late.

  2. not like I have Obama’s number but can’t drop all my contact in some cloud drive. I rather use my pc software for that or I do it the old school way with outlook

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