Battery life has become a nagging headache for the majority of today’s touchscreen smartphones. Those displays with the fancy user interfaces that require high-clock CPUs


Battery Life on the X10 Mini pro

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Battery life has become a nagging headache for the majority of today’s touchscreen smartphones. Those displays with the fancy user interfaces that require high-clock CPUs simply guzzle humongous amounts of power. In many cases, the batteries do not last through a day of heavy use.


I have had the X10 Mini Pro for a couple of months now. As a rule, it gets me through a day of intensive use. By intensive use, I mean that the Mini Pro is automatically syncing with Gmail, Google contacts and Google calendar on a 3G connection, making and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS, and being used for Facebook and web browsing.

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By way of comparison, for example, I had to set the Nokia N900 to connect to my mail server once every 2 hours in order to get the battery to last me till 5 p.m. If set the mail client to a sync time of 5 minutes, the N900’s battery gives up in a few hours.

I ran an extreme battery test on the X10 Mini Pro to see how much to expect of it in a worst case scenario. In this test, here are the parametres that I set up:

  1. I charged the battery full
  2. Set network mode to always-on 3G
  3. switched WiFi radio on
  4. switched Bluetooth on
  5. set volume to loudest
  6. set Gmail synchronisation to automatic, so delivering always-on real-time email
  7. set the display backlight to brightest
  8. watched a movie for about 20 minutes
  9. played some music for about 10 minutes
  10. automatic synchronisation with Google calendar and contacts

During the period of the test, I received 2 SMS conversations and had three phone calls of a little over 4 minutes. I also browsed the web for 1 hour.

The test commenced at 7.25 p.m. About nine hours and twenty minutes later, the X10 Mini pro shut down at 4.43 a.m. That kind of result in an extreme situation suggests that my regular experience of having the battery last a day or more is just fine.

The X10 Mini Pro’s battery life is very much comparable to the Touch Pro2’s. Certainly much, much better than what the N900 delivers.

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  2. Here Are a few articles on extending battery life on your phone:

    I read somewhere that Apple has plans in the works for solar-powered iphones.i sure hopthis is trite as this is sure to motivate purge phone and device makers to embrace this option.

    As i write this, the sun is shining brilliantly. Makes me wonder why many more device manufacturers are not producing sola-rpowered devices (phones inclusive)…

  3. Dont know why some people ignorantly feel nokia has the best battery..Nokia batteries are excellent but not in all cases as it is wit n900

  4. wow. that’s not bad. my mini pro is just a week old.
    when i got it, i totally drained my battery and charge full, and fully drain again and charge full (just to have it undergo the usual new-battery 2-cycle charge drill to maximize it), but i noticed my battery drains really fast with internet always on (3G, data traffic ON, background data ON, gmail email sync auto: no calendar and contact). thats it. mind you that i dont use timescape. i have wifi off, bluetooth off, brightness set to 30%, sound is 70%, i dont watch videos, i dont have live wallpapers, i dont have vibrate and keyboard sounds and all…
    yet after a full charge, my battery lost 11% in 20mins or less.
    with the setup that i have, i think the phone lasts about 8hrs or less including texting.

  5. Mark

    I suspect that there are two areas you need to examine –

    1. It is likely that you are in an area with poor 3G service and so your phone may be doing more work to stay connected

    2. Disable background data. This alone will cut down your power usage significantly.

    The Mini Pro is a lovely device. Please enjoy it!

  6. Hi Yomi,

    right now i have everything turned off as i’ve stopped using the internet to cut down my phone bill, and my network is set to GSM only. It did improved the battery life. probably next week ill try to have my internet back again BUT with background data off and ill observe.
    I have a question while we’re at it, Yomi: when i have my internet on, the impt thing i want working is facebook/twitter notification, yahoo messenger, and gmail push email. if i have background data OFF, would those three still work? I mean would i still get yahoo chat notification real time, and fb/twitter/gmail alerts?

    yup im enjoying my mini pro and it is a good device. Just a little adjustment with the screen size ‘coz I came from iPhone 3G and sold the phone to my bestfriend. i bought the mini pro because of the pocketable size but good function is still present, plus qwerty. its actually quite an upgrade from iPhone 3G in terms of specs (higher CPU, way better camera, with multitasking, and with compass which is impt for me when i drive). so yeah this is a great purchase 🙂

    Im now thinking of purchasing this 1420 mah battery from ebay. ive read a forum about mini pro battery and there’s quite a number of users satisfied with the 1420 mah battery. the brand i think is Jin Dian. they dont experience problems or the phone getting hot or whatsoever. they claim that they get 2-3 full day battery life with everything turned on (internet, 3g, gps, etc). thats quite an improvement!
    oh by the way, i found out that the battery that came with my mini pro is 970 mah instead of the standard 930 mah.

  7. @Mark – I’d like to know how you pay for items on ebay. My last visit there was Months ago, and i was annoyed to learn that paypal doesnt accept payments from nigeria. i have a visa dollar/naira card that i’ve used to pay for services at different online sites

  8. Hi Spacyzuma,

    it will be my first time to purchase something on ebay. but ill be using PayPal as well.

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