Battery life: Top 5 smartphones in 2014

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If you are in the market and shopping for a smartphone with outstanding battery life, here are the very top of the cream available right now in the Nigerian market:

  1. Nokia Lumia 1520: 6-inch display | 3300 mAh battery | N90,000 + | battery life champ
  2. Sony Xperia Z2: 5.2-inch display | 3200 mAh battery | N95,000 +
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 3: 5.7-inch display | 3200 mAh battery | N90,000 +
  4. Gionee M2: 5-inch display | 4200 mAh battery | N24,000 | review; also works as a power bank
  5. Nokia Lumia 1320: 6-inch display | 3400 mAh battery | N45,000 +

Note how the smallest screen size on that list is the Gionee M2. The Lumia 1520 has the largest display. All the smartphones with the best battery life are in phablet territory. Yes; the big phones are winning the battery life war.


  1. It Is Interesting How The Gionee M2 Which Has The Smallest Screen Size In That List.. Also Has The Biggest Battery.

    Now, That’s A Phone That Gives Peace Of Mind….

  2. Why isn’t the gionee number 1? With its specs and huge battery am quite sure it beats all other phones listed.

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