BBM gets updated: Timed and Retractable messages now part of paid subscription

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Ever since Blackberry CEO ,John Chen took office, he has worked towards attaining profitability to the then dying brand. In recent times, we have been hearing positive news of Blackberry returning back to being fruitful.

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The success has come at a price which included laying off of some workforce, and most importantly focusing on their strengths plus capitalizing on monetizing this avenues. BBM for one has grown in user base since it was taken cross platform.

Measures have been taken to monetize BBM. Ads have been introduced to the chat app, free and paid stickers, also customized have been offer to users as paid monthly subscriptions.

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BBM changelog

Sometime yesterday, Blackberry released a new update to their popular BBM app. The change-log states that retractable messages, timed messages etc, will be bundled into a new BBM subscription . Makes me think we already have too many ‘paid’ parts in the messaging app.

Personally, I rarely use those features, only once or twice have I touched the ‘retract messages’ button. Do you use them often? Would you now pay to use it? Share your thoughts


  1. BBM the best among the packs, why this update to scare those who are wary of the app, well I will have to update because I don’t use those features though. That’s what happens when one run out of options in hitting back at profitability, the world is really tough for business.

  2. On a second thought I would have loved it as once a year subscription of say a dollar and liase with network operators to help in billing, in places as peculiar as Africa

  3. They’ll eventually shoot themselves in the foot the way they’re going. I use “retract” but I ain’t going to pay for it. I’ve bought about 4 sticker packs but then I wasn’t forced to! Custom pin is great too and I’m on the second month of using “KAYODE” – I’m not renewing after this one though. I’m no Moverick! And “Kayode” isn’t a brand name to protect. 🙂

  4. I still got timed message after the update, who says bbm isn’t the best IM app. They are trying salaries need to be paid.

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