Be warned: Don’t update your Infinix Hot Note after rooting

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The Infinix Hot Note A.K.A Jim’s Big Thing is lovely a phablet we’ve reviewed here. Read the full review. Some users have reported that they rooted their unit, then after sometime they noticed an OTA update.


After performing the update, the phone bricked instantly, and needed some long processes (Which involves downloading Stock ROM and flashing) to restore it back.

Hot Note Update

If you own the Infinix Hot Note and already rooted, please ignore the OTA update to avoid stories that touch, and if you haven’t rooted, go ahead and run the update.


  1. taa @olaJoseph that’s fallacy of hasty generalization with a side of inadequate grounds

  2. KK.Surprisingly most of my collections are from the chinkos.Am just wondering though.

  3. Hi Elroy. Can you please share with me how you unbricked your X551? Mine is bricked. Thanks.

  4. Hi Elroy. Many thanks. I’m just seeing this. Earlier this morning I dropped it off at CarlCare [Infinix Support].

  5. I have rooted my infinix hot before upgrading. And it is showing me “android system recovery” and its not working. WAT CAN I DO????????!!!¡

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