I bring you top notch apps that will be helpful to your life as a student, adding to your productivity and hampering redundancy. Here are the best Android apps for students.

The Best Android Apps for Students

If you are a student, and you happen to own an Android device, you will surely want applications that help you with your research and timetable planning. I have searched the length and breadth of the Google Play Store to bring you top notch apps that will be helpful to your life as a student, adding to your productivity and hampering redundancy, enjoy!


Alarm Clock

morning routine


The best Alarm clock that I have found after endlessly searching through the Google Play Store is the Morning Routine app. This alarm clock deviates from what we have come to expect from Alarm apps with the omission of the snooze button.

After you set the alarm clock and you specify the alarm time, the alarm can only be stopped by scanning either a QR Code or a Barcode. A Barcode should not be that difficult to find, a good place to get one is at the back of your favourite textbook.


So when it starts ringing, you NEED to scan the code, else the alarm just keeps ringing and ringing. If you put off your phone, immediately you put it back on, the alarm starts ringing once more.

Download Morning Routine From the Google Play Store


Merriem Webster is a highly recommended dictionary application for students looking to get their definitions on. It includes a pronunciation feature though that requires an active Internet connection. The design language is still stuck in Gingerbread land, but it serves it’s purpose very well for Eye.bee.kay-esque grammer loving students. This dictionary app is also a favourite of our very own Mr Mo, as it is mine.

Download Merriem-Webster Dictionary from the Google Play Store



The best timetable application that I have come across on Android is the app aptly named Timetable. It has features that some paid alternatives do not even come close to. You can set dates of Lectures, Individual lecturers’ names, colour coding subject numbers, a nice widget and a slew of extra features that you will appreciate when you start to use it.


Did I mention that it is beautiful too? Hands down, this is the best timetable app for Android that I have come across. And for the price of free, I say that you are getting a good bargain. If you are a student and you use an Android device and you do not have this app installed, you are on a long thing!

Download Timetable from the Google Play Store



This is one essential category if you are indeed a student. It is the best ePub/PDF reader that I have come to love after so many lacklustre apps. Name: SmartQReader. It features a clean interface that renders PDF documents extremely fast, the fastest I’ve seen in fact with no hint of lag whatsoever. You can categorize books by tabs on the left so it becomes much more easier to sort your materials so that redundancy is reduced and getting your documents is stupidly easy. You can sign/write on PDF documents too. Hands down this is the best PDF reader I have seen for Android.


Download SmartQReader from the Google Play Store

Document Editor

kingsoft office

So, out of the blue you have to open or edit an Office document on your Android device, Kingsoft Office has you covered. You can view, edit and share Office files right from your device. The best part is that the app is free. Kingsoft Office is not the kind of app that prompts you to upgrade either, all features are free at install. Considering that competitors to the Kingsoft office cost more than $5, you should really just go ahead and download it. You just never know.

Download Kingsoft Office from the Google Play Store


expense tracker

A very important thing that you will need as a student is money and it must be managed properly. So I went hunting for an excellent money management/expense tracking app. Even though the hunt proved difficult, I eventually found an app named Expenses Tracker 2.0.

First you set your budget, then your currency, and from then on you can add both your one-off and recurrent expenditures and it will set a savings margin for you along with warnings if you go on a spending spree some day. Expenses 2.0 is as beautiful as it is functional and it has now become my go-to finance app.

Note: I have not tested it on Android phones but it works perfectly on my tablet. Do give me feedback if it works on Android phones so I can update as necessary. Thanks

Download Expenses Tracker 2.0 from the Google Play Store


So there you have it, the apps that have become essential to my day-to-day living as a student. I am currently reviewing some more, so this post will be updated in time with my findings. Do share the apps that help you in your day to day life as a student too. Cheers!

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  1. great effott there, compiling this list.

    I have also been hard pressed to find a suitable finance app on android. most are either too heavy_duty, or too simple, or plain ugly.

    I finally settled on Easy Money as middleOfTheRoad compromise.

    I would say the listed apps are NOT just for scholars.

    since we are all supposed to be life_long students, I would take students as used in the title above to mean those who love LEARNING.

  2. One application I would have loved to have as an undergraduate is audio note recorder. You can just take down your lecture notes and listen later

  3. Good list for me to try and update my app collection. In my apps, I also have some really good apps and recommend them for my friends, for example Superflashcard. It helps me to keep track my progress with study result for my flashcard

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