We all are aware of the fact that choosing a TV set from many available choices is not an easy task. We also know that

These are the best HDTVs that money can buy in 2018

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We all are aware of the fact that choosing a TV set from many available choices is not an easy task. We also know that if we are movie lovers, then we might end up spending most of our time in front of that TV screen which we eventually buy. Not only that, we also know that while we tend to replace our smartphones often, it is not so with our TV. TV sets that we buy stay for a fairly long time. As such, it is important to buy the best. We bring you some of the best HDTVs for your home.

One important factor to keep in mind that purchasing a TV set is actually a high-involvement decision. We should also keep in mind that there are a lot of features being added to our TV technology and it’s been evolving ever since.

TV sets, nowadays, offers a cutting-edge variety of technological features and services that it will become confusing for us regarding which services to opt for. With so many competitors always coming up with something new for their customers, it becomes really difficult for customers to keep in mind all the services when choosing a TV set.

The Best HDTVs of 2018

If you’re trying to find out which TV sets to buy, then I would recommend you to buy one of the TV sets that we’re going to discuss. It is because of the reason that it provides its customers with cutting-edge technology with so many additional technological features exclusive to each brand you choose.

Some of the best HDTVs available are:


LG OLED C7 offers great brightness and amazing light control feature which is better than last year’s C6, this year’s C7 is the best performer that doesn’t diminish the importance of a great OLED’s leading best multiple capabilities.

With the advent of LG OLED C7, the customer can finally think of buying an OLED display TV set at an economical price and to consider this option as a viable option. All of these features and upgrades offered by LG actually makes it an irresistible TV set for its customers to buy at an economical cost.

Another important feature is the additional perks that LG adds in by losing heavier speakers without compromising the quality of voice.

LG Signature OLED W7

This super-slim technological marvel with an amazing display has been catching most the customers’ eyes because of its amazing features. It provides the super-slim frame on the top of Dolby Atmos sound bar with four types of HDR support on top of the magnetic mounting system with the addition of new webOS 3.5 that would definitely help the customers to select this TV as the best choice. Not only that, it also offers is a customer not only ultra-slim design but also a variety of color display with an addition of Future-proof HDR and magnetic strip mounts.

Samsung Q9F QLED TV

Samsung has launched its flagship TV set called “Q9F QLED TV” which actually sets new benchmarks in a lot of prominent areas and provides its customers with a new perspective to watch this TV with friends and family in your TV lounge.

Not only has that, but its 65-inch Q9F QLED screen goes the extra mile to offer its customers an amazing experience because of its ultra-slim design. It keeps all of its connections on an external box and also connects the box to the TV with the help of a single fiber-optic cable.

Sony Bravia A1E OLED

It’s been considered Sony’ technological marvel because of its amazing frameless design and astonishing picture quality and sound system. Sony Bravia has been redefining the AV class since the times it has been launched.

Sony has come a long way by launching its first OLED TV in 2008 to the return of another Sony benchmark TV set with a lot bigger in size with astonishing picture quality. It also encompasses with some amazing exclusive features like a unique sound system that actually uses the screen as the speakers along with Sony’s powerful picture processing system enough for putting all of its customers in the awestruck situation.

Not only that, it also incorporates the 55A1’s smart features and wonderful interface as provided by Google’s Android TV platform. The amazing thing to consider here is that Sony tackled the Android’s shortcoming and it makes sure that the users always experience 4K and HDR versions of Amazon Video and Netflix.

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