It is clear now how the battle lines are drawn: Apple and Google are at one another’s throats in a bid to lock in as

Between Google and Apple

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Nuclear explosion

It is clear now how the battle lines are drawn: Apple and Google are at one another’s throats in a bid to lock in as many earthlings as possible.

Mobile: Android versus iOS.

Search: Google Search versus Siri (yes; Siri is a search engine. Someone said to me that its going to take time before Siri becomes a threat. Wake up, guys! That was what we all said about the iPhone).

Maps: Google Maps versus Apple’s new maps.

Payments: Google Wallet versus Apple Passbook.

Cloud: Google Drive against iCloud.

Can you see the picture? These two behemoths are locked in what is quickly becoming a vicious war. These days, all other alliances are referred to in the context of the Apple-Google war. Whatever moves Facebook, Twitter and others make are always interpreted in how they align with either Google or Apple.

For all of you who have been waiting for the 3rd World War, and have been eyeing countries and their military, duh! This is it. Apple versus Google. The war is on in full steam already.

The two companies run two starkly different models on the surface: one open and free, the other locked in and everything has an often pricey fee on it. One operates by being all-embracing and aiming for the numbers; the other is snobbish, elitist and targets the hard cash by milking a much smaller circle.

But that’s all the difference to them. Underneath, they are both highly efficient predators who want only one thing – you!

At the end of the day, it is a question of which monster you like – the one that controls how you do things or the one that entices you with an appearance of liberty.

Personally, I am happy to see someone get in the ring with Google. Not just someone or anyone, someone as capable and ruthlessly efficient like Apple. A world ruled by only one monster is always a bad idea. Its good to have at least two – a balance of power of sorts. Or at least the availability of options. Google was getting too powerful.

If Google didn’t like you, you were sunk. Now you have a strong alternative. Yes; Microsoft is still there somewhere in the room, but they were/are not matching Google step for step as Apple is now doing. This is Sparta!

Don’t forget, however, that having to choose between Apple and Google is like having to choose between the devil and the deep blue sea. Whichever way you go, essentially, they are both telling you to go to hell in different ways that make you look forward to the trip. First class seats, anyone?


  1. This was the same thought on my mind yesterday when i was watching apple’s ‘show’ the two giants are now Apple and Google no doubt about that. Microsoft is just by the way. Wit siri getting better and transforming the way we now search for info am wondering who will be remembered in 50years time Steve Jobs or Bill Gates

  2. Interesting exposition! Apart from the ills of abuse of power associated with one company getting too big and too powerful in comparison to competitors, very big firms whose powers are not adequately checked by competition tend to slow in reacting to changes in the system and often do not innovate enough and sometimes engage in the game of waging war with innovation and revolution and other underhand practices.

    IBM, Motorola, Nokia and Microsoft are good examples. Apple appears to understand some of these ills and is combining innovation and bullying to stay on top and relevant.

  3. Well written, Mister Mobility. Couldn’t have put it much better. This article is truly insightful.

    Siri to transmoh ultimately into the next Search engine to compete against Google, Bing, Yahoo and Baidu is a novel idea. And I’m delighted that it is coming first from no other but the legendary Yomi.

    3rd World War? I dare say that you might just be right. Just like Toni Ahonen calls the mobile battle for aremacy “bloodbath”. Good choice of Moniker. yes. With the ideas conveyed excellently.

    We just have to wait and watch as all these play out.

  4. A world ruled by only one monster is always a bad idea

    En en?

    Thought Google claims they review ‘EVIL’?

    There is truly vociferous competition almost anywhere you look in the (mobile) technology world – but not on the scale being seen between the BIG FOUR (Google, Apple, FaceBook, Microsoft).

    I have present to never EVER write off Microsoft.

    This cut_throat competition is good for the consumers. Competition begets excellence!

    These are interesting times…

  5. The highly closed nature of Apple is going to be their undoing as the freedom you get with google products and services is to critical to be sacrificed on the alter of Apple’s Super GUI. Long live Google’s Pseudo and Magnanimous Open/Libre Nature

  6. well written, truly its a battle of two juggernauts, and google has the upper hand now, as anyone ever thought what will happen should apple remove over 80% of its limitations. even android faithfuls would surely move over i believe.

    as the war continues with apple and google focusing on each other, windows needs to use the opportunity to up its ante, innovate and bring it up to par quickly.

  7. My take on the whole issue: America is not the world and neither are $500 devices the future. The OS that runs on $20 Chinese phones is what a majority of the world will use for their mobile needs because that’s all they can afford. Unless IOS is detached from its expensive hardware it will never fulfill the need of the majority and will always remain an elitist OS to many. I think winning the mobile war in the emerging markets of China, Asia and Africa is far more important than those of the mature markets of America and Europe. Google’s services and mobile OS can be accessed by a majority without the need for expensive hardware. Google in my opinion will be relevant far longer than Apple in the mobile OS business.

  8. Those were my exact thoughts when I read about apples new OS last night. Especially about axing Google map on their platform and relaxing it with their own 3D map (saw that coming). However, I dare to say that the map would probably still be limited to USA or at best include part of Europe. May not be compelling enough for me yet to jump into the Apple wagon.

  9. yeah its true they are most likely going to limit their 3d maps to usa, my nokia maps supports 3d view of lagos and even if its not comprehensive of the entire island the new support for traffic info via gidi_traffic is enough for me to stick to my device for now.

  10. Apple is now the one doing catching up and copying others. An absolutist company that is afraid of competition, a vindictive and exploitative system that is reflective of its late mastermind, an arrogant hegemony that is patently capitalist and anti-human. Apple neither believes in charity nor giving back to society. It only engages in stealing others’ ideas to make them better and sell back to a gullible world on an outrageously pricey platter. I will never touch anything Apple. I cherish freedom and humanity.

  11. Wow, Biyi, so much emotion over a company? Apple is just a company using a business model others have used in the past and many more will use in the future, its nothing new. All kingdoms will eventually fall, even Google.
    Save the passion for more important things in life. 🙂

  12. I have reasons to be a rabid anti-Apple activist. Why would the late mean Jobs assert that he would declare ‘a thermonuclear war’, using Apple’s last dollar in the bank, to annihilate Android? What has Android done that Apple hasn’t done before, if not worse? Why would a so-called inventor company be pathologically petrified by competition that they would destroy the freedom of consumers to choose? What kind of a behemoth would tout innovation to enhance human experience in use of technology but price its products out of the reach of humanity while making its ecosystem a closed, blood-sucking genie? What is the use of a technology that does not benefit the greatest number of people in the world? Anyway, didn’t the cocky Steve Jobs condemn every techological advancement made by others? Yet he would steal the same condemned idea, tweak it and claim to be innovative. What innovation? He berated Microsoft’s Bill Gates who was his beneficiary when Apple would have gone under. He said Android was a crap, but now Apple is aping Android steps, from dual-core processor, higher megapixel camera, maps and navigation, stylus pen in Samsung Note, and expectedly bigger screen. This is the same shameless Cupertino coward that is so anti-competition, anti-freedom, anti-choice and anti-humanity that is now waging patent wars on the stellar HTC One series in addition to the lingering ones with Samsung? And it is cutting off hitherto alliances left and right just to spite competition. So much for a spoilt, rotten, overpriced i-shit. On a lighter note, i have also declared declared a typonuclear, supersonic, kinetic war on Apple! Yes to a world of choice, of freedom, of competition, of courage, of mass empowerment and democracy in technology. Down with absolutism, intolerance, elitism, capitalism, exploitation, cultism and communism in technology!

  13. Biyi, you sure do have a way with words!

    I love that…

    And I share your odium for the iCrap!

  14. This is not new but there’s something we’re forgetting; Apple and Android products are not designed for the developing world. We are barely secondary in Google’s consideration, and iOS barely see us; Windows Phone is all over the place and still can’t decide if Africa is relevant or not. These company’s products are designed for middle class economies whose residents don’t mind shelling out $500+ for a product and leaving their stuff in iCloud or Google Drive or elsewhere in the cloud.

    Yeah we’re useful for them to make a bit of money off of us, but we’re not that important to them. However some companies are beginning to think differently – especially since their fortune in these middle class economies is waning.

    On the other hand, companies like Google and Microsoft have got a pretty decent foothold in the African continent. Google has more or less taken the mantle from Microsoft, and is looking to play a significant role in getting their services in the hands of the ordinary and average user as well as opening opportunities for people to get online and use their services (a good example of this is GNBO).

    Domination by one company is not a good thing I agree. I’ll watch and see who blinks first.

  15. I think the closed ecosystem of IOS is going to be there downfall. It happened against Microsoft and I think history is going to repeat itself.

  16. Referring to the article and what it states as “A world ruled by only one monster is always a bad idea.” I believe this is the same idea as Apple Macs vs. Microsoft. People go for apple products due to their elegant sleek looks, but again they lack efficiency in the fields of processing. This is clearly a personal opinion as the demands meets different people’s needs.

  17. I don’t really care about the competition. It’s actually good for the consumer.. My only issue is with apple. Apple should play fair. All those legal suits are damn unhealthy. Let the choice be that of the consumer and stop restricting other products from the retailers shelves.

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