Beware of WhatsApp Gold Edition

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If you receive a notification inviting you to download a special limited edition of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Gold, do not bite. Do not click on the download link. Do not install it. Don’t even smile at it. WhatsApp Gold Edition is malware. In other words, it isn’t official. It is from the bad guys and it will steal your information and send it to them if you install it.

What’s Up With WhatsApp Gold?

Let’s go through this in a few points:

  1. WhatsApp Gold Edition is NOT from WhatsApp.
  2. WhatsApp Gold Edition is from bad guys.
  3. This fake app claims to offer you special features that have been available only to celebrities. These features include: new emojis, video calling, the ability to send hundreds of pictures at once, and more customisation and security options. It is all a scam.
  4. Installing it on your phone will infect the phone with malware (bad/evil software).
  5. If you install it, WhatsApp Gold Edition will steal your data on your phone and send back to the bad guys who can use it to do bad stuff.
  6. If you have installed this app, do yourself a favour and uninstall it right away.
  7. The authentic WhatsApp app is available in the Play Store
  8. Read and follow a blog like Mobility Arena to keep up-to-date with what’s up for your smartphones and tablets. (yes; we had to do a little advertising)

As a rule, stay away from apps and links that look and sound odd. Install apps only from your smartphone’s app store or other legitimate app stores and sources.


  1. Hehehe. I am bad guy. I flow with the bad guys. Let me go hunting for this, and see what’s up!

  2. Seriously, I don’t scare easily o.

    The fact it is not officially from WhatsApp doesn’t make it malware There are many WhatsApp releases offering extended features that do nothing bad. WhatsApp+, etc.. Even Telegram has several, Jin lethal unofficial versions.!

    Similarly, there are tonnes of apps from outside the official Google Play Store that are truly wonderful.

    For me, what makes an app malware is not those who released it, or where it was got from, but rather what it DOES!

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