12 Bezel-less Smartphones You Can Buy in 2017

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In the world of mobile phones, a bezel is the outside frame of the front of the phone that surrounds the display on all sides – top, right, bottom, and left. Bezel-less Smartphones are mobile phones with the new design style in which two or more sides of a phone has no bezel. As such, there are presently two kinds of bezel-less smartphones – those with no bezels on the right and left sides, and those with no bezels on the right, left, and the top. Here are two examples:

bezel-less smartphones

Bezel-less smartphones are able to have big displays fitted into much smaller bodies. For example, thanks to bezel-less design, a 6-inch smartphone can fir into the size of regular 5.5-inch devices. Plus, bezel-less mobile phones just look cooler.

The First Bezel-less Smartphone?

The first smartphone with bezel-less design hit the market in – wait for it – 2014! It wasn’t the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone X. The name: Sharp Aquos Crystal. This is what it looks like:
Sharp Aquos Crystal - The First Bezel-less Smartphone
That design is still uber-cool, even for a three-year old mobile phone.

Bezel-less Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now In 2017

All the smartphones featured on this list are 4G mobile phones with support for a wide range of 4G LTE networks globally (so be sure to confirm which supports your operator). Many of them are the latest mobile phones in the market. Clock the specifications and price links to get more detailed info on each of them.

  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus / Note 8

    Samsung Galaxy Note8
    We list these three Samsung mobile phones together because they are essentially the same phone, with variations here and there.

  2. Xiami Mi Mix

    Xiaomi Mi Mix
    Xiami Mi Mix Specifications and Price

  3. UMIDIGI Crystal

    UMIdigi Crystal
    UMIDIGI Crystal Specifications and Price

  4. Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
    Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Specifications and Price

  5. Ulefone Future

    Ulefone Future
    Ulefone Future Specifications & Price

  6. Apple iPhone X

    apple iphone x

    Finally, Apple phone lovers get bezel-less design in the iPhone X.

    Apple iPhone X Specifications and Price


    DOOGEE MIX Specifications and Price

  8. Elephone S8

    Elephone S8 Specifications and Price
    Elephone S8 Specifications and Price

  9. UMIDIGI S2 / S2 Pro

    UMIDIGI S2 | S2 Pro Specifications and Price
    UMIDIGI S2 / S2 Pro Specifications and Price

  10. LG V30

    LG V30
    LG V30 Specifications and Price

  11. Ulefone F2

    Ulefone F2
    Ulefone F2 Specifications and Price

  12. Bluboo S8

    Bluboo S8
    Bluboo S8 Specifications and Price

How Do You Want Your Bezel-less Design?

Which of these devices interest you and you end up splurging on will depend on a variety of factors, including: design style, build, size, battery, wireless network support, number of SIM slots, and ultimately price.

But if you are shopping for a bezel-less phone right now, there are enough options for you to pick from. Do not forget that you can order some of these mobile phones online from various online stores that ship worldwide and get the best mobile phone deals. Many of these stores offer good discounts from time to time.

ladies and gentlemen, it is time to join the hip, cool kid club. But if you are shopping for a bezel-less phone right now, there are enough options for you to pick from. Over to you. When are you getting one?


  1. I see the bezeless design becoming the new fad in smartphone designs. I got my eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

  2. Bezel less design smartphones are good looking, but the are also fragile, so one need to be careful not to mistakingly drop it on the floor. Well, I’m still waiting for Huawei to release theirs, that is my best brand

  3. Give me the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 and I will thank you consistently for 6 months. I saw it with someone just days ago and was madly in love with the phone. These Chinese people have gone haywire.

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