Bing and Cortana to help students with academic work

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Cortana WP8

Microsoft are reportedly working on integrating academic data into Bing search results. Cortana, Windows Phone’s virtual assistant, is powered by Bing. This new integration means that Cortana will be able to help students out with their academic work in school, particularly when it comes to research work.

The update which will be available this fall will help students in gathering materials and information such as news articles, authors works etc. on research work and assignments alike. The soon to drop feature which will only be available on Windows 8.1 devices is said to have an edge over Google Scholar.

If all goes as planned this might just be a great tool for students, especially those working on projects.

Source: Technet


  1. Microsoft really mean business with Cortana and the rumor of Cortana on Windows. Looking forward to work with Cortana on future projects.

  2. They should do all the experiments, perfect it and bring it to Android too. Yeah, I will appreciate something that offers reliable prediction for English Premier League matches. It could be very handy.

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